iPhone 7 Rumors and Release Date

As September approaches so does a sense of anticipation in the hearts of all Apple lovers. September has historically been the month Apple revealed it’s latest tech. With Rumors of the new Apple TV being delayed once again this approaching September appears to have one focus, the release of the iPhone 7. There have been many rumors and speculations concerning the new device from Apple but not much can be said for sure as the notoriously secretive company has kept much of the development under lock and key.


Chinese Security analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has expressed two ways he believes the iPhone 7 will change. Ming-Chi Kuo is looking for the iPhone 7 to change in material and color. Many issues users complain of with the iPhone 6 is the malleability of the casing. Many users have had screens crack due to the phone taking on a different shape under pressure. The iPhone 7 will be using Series 7000 Aluminum, the same used in the Apple Watch, which is stronger than that used for the iPhone 6. Hopefully the change in material will make the new release more durable and less flimsy, than the previous Apple iPhone.

Furthermore, Ming-Chi Kuo predicts there will be a Rose Gold option for the iPhone 7 as well as change from Space Grey to Space Black to match the colors of the Apple Watch.

The dimensions of the 7 are set to change too though not very drastically. The screen size of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus will align with their predecessors the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus but the thickness is estimated to increase from 5.9mm on the 6 to 6.1 on the 7. Though the increase is minuscule users are sure to have a strong opinion on the change.

There were rumors earlier in the year Apple would release a smaller version of their iPhone this fall but such rumors have all but been discredited.

Force Touch

Rumors of the new Force Touch have all but been confirmed. The new tech will change the way we interact with out phones by the way it takes, “a two-dimensional screen and basically makes it three-dimensional,” according to Tim Arcuri of Cowen and Co. He believes developers will make, “applications that sit below the top layer of the phone. You can press harder and access different functions and features. There’s a lot of different things they can do.”

Camera & Storage

The iPhone 7 will sport a 12 megapixel camera along with the new A9 processor will double the ram of the iPhone 6 up to 2GB or Ram. Many believe the increase in the dimensions of the iPhone 7 prove the camera will sit flush with the device instead of protruding like on the iPhone 6.

It is not yet known whether or not the iPhone 7 will start with 16GB of memory or change over to 32GB as the new standard of storage in the increasingly advanced devices.

iPhone 7 Release

With Apple TV being delayed once again the Rumor of the mini iPhone being squashed there seems to be only one big Apple release on the horizon. The exact release date for the iPhone 7 is shroud in mystery but if Apple is consistent at all September is looking to be the month of revelation.

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