Incredible Things You Should Know About IPVanish VPN

VPN, or to say a reliable VPN, is one of the few things that are worth spending on; yes, in a world where man-in-the-middle attacks are common, and the word data leak is part of the daily news — using a VPN may not be the only option, but it is the most affordable one for sure. 

While there are several VPNs on the internet, not all are reliable. Plus, not all the reputable ones give you the best value for money. Instead of discussing all the ablest ones, let’s focus on the best one, i.e., IPVanish.

Read on to find why IPVanish is the most reliable VPN provider what things make it the most trustworthy option. 

But before that, you must understand VPN or compare ipvanish vs nordvpn and its characteristics. Most of you might already be familiar with this:

What is a VPN? 

A VPN, acronym for Virtual Private Network, is an internet service employed to establish a secure (encrypted) and private connection between your device and the internet. 

What to expect from a VPN?

  • Anonymity: should disguise the IP address.
  • Security: Should encrypt your data so that it is impossible to penetrate (even to computers). 
  • Tunneling: Should transfer your data privately in a public network. 

That’s it. These three are the essentials of a VPN service.

However, other characteristics like: 

  • Should bypass geo-restrictions, ISP throttling, and blocked sites.
  • It must be faster. 
  • Should not log user data. 
  • Kill switch — disconnect the device from the internet when the connection goes down. 
  • Should support all devices. 
  • Should allow multiple connections. 

This is what makes a VPN a reliable one. In all, a reliable VPN provides the best value for money. 

With that said, let’s see what factors make IPVanish a trustworthy VPN. 

IPVanish is one of the fastest VPNs in the market. 

One of the prominent advantages of employing IPVanish is the high-speed internet connection along with advanced security. Yes, not many VPNs can promise both, or at least keep their word. 

Speed test results of IPVanish

Personal evaluation of IPVanish showed IPVanish didn’t increase much latency. Plus, there wasn’t much reduction in the download, as well as the upload speeds.

Using to evaluate, I found that IPVanish is second to no one when it comes to the connection rate, not even the industry leaders like NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

Here’s a comparison ofIPVanish Vs. NordVPNVs. ExpressVPNspeeds: 

Download speed  (percentage change) — the less, the betterUpload Speed (percentage change) — the less, the betterLatency  (percentage change) — the less, the better

Note: the connection speed depends on many factors like: 

  • Server location (physical distance) — the less, the faster. 
  • VPN protocol — IKEv2/IPsec is the fastest. 
  • Server load
  • Distance of the VPN servers and the website’s server location

So, individually, your test results might differ.  

Why Speed is an influential factor in deciding the VPNs quality? 

Using a VPN decreases the internet speed, the reasons: 

  • Encryption:

As VPNs encrypt the data before transferring, they tend to take time while achieving this process. However, the updates on the encryptions protocol employed by IPVanish — TLS 1.3 — deals with this issue well by minimizing the latency. 

  • Server load: 

The fewer the count of servers (of a VPN service), the more users will be utilizing that. IPVanish has numerous servers (globally); so, the load on the server is minimal. 

  • Other factors

Firewalls also have influence but dealing with them by altering the type of encryption protocol — usually, IPsec — is an old practice followed by numerous service providers (IPVanish being one). 

As you see, the reason why IPVanish is one of the top-three speediest VPNs is that it tackles all the speed-reduction determinants. 

IPVanish employs military-grade encryption (the one used by NSA). 

IPVanish employs AES 256-bit VPN Encryption — here, AES means Advanced Encryption Standard, and 256-bit means it will take someone 2^256 sequences to break the encryption key via trial and error. By today’s standards, even the most advanced workstations would require thousands of years to break into the code.  Moreover, this is the same measure used by the government to protect sensitive information. 

Strict No-logs policy

Even the world-best encryption key will not be sufficient if the VPN provider itself logs your data. However, be assured that nothing of that sort will happen as IPVanish has a strict no-logs policy. 

Kill Switch feature

Another security constituent that determines VPNs reliability is the Kill Switch features. As stated, a Kill switch shuts down the internet traffic whenever the VPN server goes down, and IPVanish employs users with this critical feature on all major platforms — Windows, macOS, and Android devices. 

IPVanish has a robust collection of servers. 

With 1600+ servers, IPVanish has one of the most extensive networks. 

The number of servers isn’t a decisive factor, as the volume of the server is what matters; still, the immense number is worth specifying. 

A global reach of servers 

Further, IPVanish has servers in 75+ different locations across the world, and this is a superior benefit as even big names like NordVPN have servers only in 59 countries. For instance, NordVPN doesn’t have servers in Peru and Nigeria, whereas IPVanish has.

IPVanish bypasses all censorship, restrictions, and more. 

Be it the government-implemented bans or the geo-restricted content, IPVanish empowers you to bypass all it securely. 

You can stream restricted content across all leading platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO, Disney+, HotStar, YouTube, Kodi, and many more. 

Bypass contents from across the world. 

Not just a few locations, you can stream content from anywhere by connection to respective servers. 

Bypass ISP throttling. 

This might come as a surprise to you, but VPN, most often, can even increase your connection speed. Many ISPs throttle the internet speed to make more profits, and VPNs hiding your location helps you bypass such restrictions. 

IPVanish is (one of) the most affordable options. 

IPVanish Subscription rate: 

Without Storage$4.99 (for the first month),  And $9.99 afterward.$44.99 (for the first year — one-time payment) And $89.99 afterward. 
With 500GB of secure data$5.99 (for the first month),  And $10.99 afterward.$49.99 (for the first year — one-time payment) And $99.99 afterward.

Yes, you might find cheaper alternatives, but not all of them are as trustworthy as IPVanish is.

IPVanish allows unlimited connections per account. 

Unmetered connections with one subscription. That too, with no bandwidth limitations and speed throttling — meaning, you can safeguard your family with just one small monthly or annual payment. 


With tons of VPN service providers, each claiming to be the best, fastest, and safest, it is hard for a typical user to decide which one is the best for them. 

And that is where 30 days money-back guarantee kicks in: for instance, if the service does not intrigue or does not stand up to its claim, you will have the chance of canceling it in the first month. 

All you have to do is contact their 24/7 available support (via email, chat, or phone) and ask them for a refund — it is an easygoing process.  

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