How You Can Take Care Of Picnic Tables

Picnic tables are useful assets in your home because they can provide comfortable outdoor seating for both small and large gatherings. You can find durable picnic tables that can last for years, especially if you care for them properly. In most cases, a round wood picnic table is already treated to make sure that it withstands the atmospheric elements. 

Therefore, manufacturers of these picnic tables can use sealants designed to protect the wood on these picnic tables. But it’s important to seal the surfaces of wood picnic tables at least once each year to make sure that they are durable. Remember that type of picnic table deserves to be covered after use. Hence, you can choose to have a picnic table paint so that it can be visually appealing. This article discusses how you can take care of picnic tables. 

Sealing wood picnic tables

Any wooden picnic table needs to have the best finish. Therefore, a good picnic table needs to withstand oily liquids that come from meals. Also, a picnic table should have glue and paint from home improvement, so make sure that you select a picnic table stain or paint that can withstand the weather in your place. 

When you decide to seal a wood picnic table, you need to move it to a covered place where a hose can easily access it. In this case, a workshop, garage, or even carport can be a suitable area. However, if you don’t have this type of space, then it’s a good idea to seal the wooden picnic tables in a place where the weather cannot affect them.

Once you find this place, then mix water with oxygen bleach, but you need to follow the directions of the manufacturer. You should use gloves when cleaning the surfaces of picnic tables with oxygen bleach. A scrub brush can be handy when cleaning because it can cleanse the dirt and kill all mildew growing on the picnic table. Doing this can also ensure that the sealant penetrates well. After doing this, consider rinsing the picnic table with water and dry it overnight.

It’s also crucial to apply a coat of water-based wood sealant. You should apply this to the whole table using a paintbrush. In most cases, it’s a good idea to use a water-repellent wood preservative because it can protect it against mildew, termites, and sun damage. Keep in mind that there are some oil-based sealants that may trap moisture to cause rotting in the picnic table. 

Caring for picnic tables

Regardless of the type of picnic table, you decide to purchase, you should always cover it with a tight-fitting and heavy-duty cover, especially when you are not using it. When it comes to wood tables, this can prevent the breaking down of the sealant because of sun exposure or bad weather. Also, it can assist you to keep metal and plastic tables clean.  

You should consider washing the picnic tables with a hose at least after a couple of weeks. Dirt should never be allowed to accumulate on the tables because it can lead to stains.

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