How Will The Online Casino Industry In The US Embrace Technology?

Online casino play has been big around the world for a while now but has been something that the US has effectively shunned until recently. Changes to US laws though now allow individual states to legalize this activity if they wish. Already, states including Pennsylvania have done this, and anyone in their borders can enjoy casino games online at the SugarHouse casino and other sites. With more and more states starting to follow suit, many are predicting big things ahead for this sector within the US.

If it is to succeed though, the companies and people involved with this industry in the US must embrace technology. This will help it offer a more rewarding, convenient and fun experience to players and also help it to reach a much larger audience. But just how will the online casino industry in the US take advantage of technology?

Mobile casino apps

One piece of tech that the online casino industry in the US looks certain to embrace is mobile apps. These casino apps are downloaded onto your mobile device and then allow you to enjoy classic games or slots at your leisure.

This is naturally very appealing to players and could be a major selling point when rolling out online casino play across the US in the near future. Most virtual casinos will develop real-money casino apps if they have not got one already. This will be in order to avoid missing out on the potentially huge amount of US customers who may use them to gamble online.

VR sites and games

Virtual reality (VR) sites and games have long been talked about within online gambling. Recent advances though have brought this tech to a point where it is affordable enough and useful enough to actually use. VR technology is something that could really work in an online casino setting and help make the whole experience more immersive for players.

There are already some VR online casinos in other parts of the world, and it would seem likely that some will crop up in the US as online gambling begins to take off there. As well as virtual reality casino sites for players to engage with, this tech also allows studios to develop more immersive VR casino games for the industry to attract players.


One piece of technology that will surely be embraced by the US online casino sector is cryptocurrencies. These digital currencies include bitcoin and Ethereum as famous examples. While you might be more familiar with people trading them for profit, more are now using them to gamble online.

As the online casino sector in the US gathers pace, it could use the ability to fund casino play with cryptocurrency as a feature to attract players. Many crypto fans would surely love to play at US casinos that allow this, and it would, therefore, seem sensible to suggest that the industry there will cater to this demand.


Staying along the same lines as crypto betting, we have Blockchain. This is actually the underlying code that digital currencies are built on, but it has many more uses than only that. A major one that could be adopted by the online casino sector in the US is enhanced online security for sites.

As Blockchain tech cannot be tampered with and does not leave a trail of payment details for hackers to discover, it could be warmly embraced by an industry that is keen to show consumers that online safety is not an issue and data can be protected.

Latest games and platform tech taken onboard

One last way that this industry in the US could embrace technology to thrive is simply carrying the latest games from the best studios. If US sites continue to invest in forging supply partnerships with top game developers, then it will give them titles to attract players that are powered by cutting-edge tech.

In the same way, online operators in the US could embrace the latest platforms to build their casinos on. This would see their sites offer faster load speeds and a responsive experience to help keep players happy.

Tech is the key

If the US online casino industry is set to take off as many predict, then making full use of technology to help is essential. This is only common sense as technology is a key part of any online activity! By making use of the continually developing tech in the world of virtual casinos though, the people behind it in the US can make sure that this sector achieves its potential.

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