How to Write Creative Content for Your Blog


I’m ending my series on How to Blog For Money. If you think about how often you get on the internet and read content, then you know that this is a valuable business. We are in an age where people Google search just about everything.


Now is the time for you to get started on building your blog. Depending on your marketing efforts, you can start turning a profit within a couple years of operations, if not sooner.

One of the most difficult parts of running a blog is writing the content. It is difficult to come up with new topics and posts week in and week out. Why do you think they call it writer’s block?

Here are some tips that you can use to create content for your blog on a regular basis.

Read Other Blogs in Your Niche’

Struggling to pick out a new topic to write about? Then you need to take a look at other blogs in your niche’. This is a great place for you to see what others are talking about.

You don’t necessarily need to read the entire articles, but you should scan through the titles. In fact, I would almost suggest that you don’t bother reading an article, because it might cause you to lose your own creative spin on an idea.

Focus on the titles and subject matter that is being discussed in your area of influence.

Answer Reader’s Questions

When you have readers following you on a regular basis, they are likely going to ask you questions. Instead of just answering them in an email, write a blog post on it. It is important that you get their permission to post the question.

If you do not have enough of a readership to receive mail, consider answering a question you came up with yourself. You could also address a question that you have seen on forums or through social media.

answer questions

Keep A List of Blog Titles on Hand

Half the battle with writing content is coming up with a focus. Keep a running list of blog titles stored in a document that you can access at any time.

You could copy and paste links to other articles that you found interesting. When you are searching around and reading information, write down your thoughts in that document. With the titles on hand, it will be easier to write when you get in the creative moment.

Do a Weekly Roundup

This is a pretty popular and effective idea to keep content fresh on your site. Do a weekly round up of other blogs and popular posts from your own blog. This requires little content to be written.

Just make a list of interesting articles you read throughout the week and link to those websites on your roundup day. Your readers will appreciate how you compiled a list of interesting information all in one spot.

Even if you are not sure whether you should start a blog, I say start one anyways. What’s the worst thing that can happen? You start it and then don’t keep going with it. The best thing that could happen is you can decide you love blogging and end up making a full time living at it.

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