How to Use Youtube to Boost Your Personal Brand

As part of your strategies to personally brand yourself, every social media outlet can be used for your benefit. Today, I want to talk with you about the power of videos and how you can utilize YouTube for personal brand marketing.

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How to Use YouTube to Boost Your Connection

YouTube is the perfect place to personally broadcast yourself to the world. Videos are a great way to boost connection with the world.

Most of us want to see real people in action, that is why video is so effective. Instead of reading what someone has to say, most often we would prefer to hear it.

How Will People See My Videos?

People spend a lot of time watching videos during the day. How can they possibly ignore videos? Every day, they pass by several that have been shared on Facebook?

There is actually a new feature now on Facebook, that if a person watches something, related videos pop up underneath.

YouTube is highly searchable and consider an authority source. As long as you put in the right keywords and title your video properly, people will find your content.

What Do I Talk About?

Sharing a vid of you talking about your niche’ or something that you are passionate about can engage your audience. People are always looking for helpful information that will give them a new skill or ability.

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When you are putting together an idea for a video, aim to add value to the viewer’s life. Make certain that whatever you are talking about, that you make it applicable to their life.

Does it Have to Be Professional?

When you are making a video, the aim is not to make a commercial. Think of this as more along the lines of a home video. You don’t have to have a camera crew or professional actors. In fact, that is the opposite of what you want to accomplish with boosting your connection to people.

It is fine to hold a camera like you would for a selfie and shoot a video of you talking as you walk around. You can also set up your camera and stand in one place if that helps you.

As your following grows, people will feel like they know you better because they have seen you so many times on video.

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