How To Use Your Online Time To Make You Smarter

We cannot all have the brainpower of a genius, but we can make the most of what we have. Like every other part of the body, the brain needs exercise in order to flourish. It’s your responsibility to make sure that it gets the exercise it needs.

The good news about giving your brain a workout is that you do not need to leave home to do it. Simply spending some time online can help to improve the power of your brain and may also make you smarter. You just need to make sure that you use the Internet in the right way.

Learn New Words

Research suggests that learning new words each day can help to raise your intelligence levels. However, this does not work if you simply memorize words and start repeating them. You need to develop a complete understanding of the words that you learn. This means that you should be able to use them in context.

Play Computer Games

No-one suggests that you should spend all your spare time playing computer games, but a certain amount of play may help to make you smarter. There is no definitive proof of this but research carried out at York University did find a correlation between higher levels of intelligence and the ability to participate in multiplayer games.

Playing this type of game, as well as traditional games like card games, has also been shown to improve and sustain the performance of neurons in the brain. Online gaming providers like NetEnt provide card game content that you now can play for free. This allows you to get the benefit of playing without having to spend money while you learn.

Watch TED Talks

Watching a TED talk can be empowering as well as helping to make you smarter. TED is a not for profit organization that exists to spread ideas across the globe. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design and a diverse range of subjects are covered in these talks. Listening to them is a great way of expanding your knowledge.

Find The Best Books To Read

Research has shown that reading novels helps to improve fluid intelligence. That is the type of intelligence that is put to use when using reason to solve a problem. In addition to this, reading also improves our ability to understand people and situations, thereby enhancing our emotional intelligence.

You can see how reading helps to make you smarter. You just need to find the right books to read. Sites like Goodreads give users the opportunity to research books and make informed reading choices. You may also want to download ebooks so that you can read them using a smartphone or tablet.

Take An Online Course

It’s never too late to learn something new; even if you are working full time. The technology that you have at your fingertips gives you access to online courses that enable you to study at home.

The subject you choose does not have to be relevant to your current career. You may want to explore an artistic talent or acquire a useful skill such as knowledge of sign language. You can choose anything from paralegal courses (like these that allow you to take an in-depth look at the Australian legal system) to nursing courses. The most important thing is that learning helps to improve the health of your brain as well as increasing your knowledge.

Doing any of these 5 things, or all have them, helps to keep your brain active. This, in turn, helps to make you smarter, especially if you continue taking part in the activity on an ongoing basis.

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Brenda Coles
I'm an elementary school teacher who became a stay-at-home mother when my first child was born. I love to write about lifestyle, education, and news-related topics.