How To Use Cryptocurrencies In Everyday Life

Value of Crypto Currency in Our Life

“Cryptocurrency is simply regarded as a digital asset.”

It was designed as such that it can work as a medium of exchange (just like regular paper/coin currency we use), but it uses strong cryptography to make the transactions more secure. As stated earlier we use paper or coin-based currencies which are in control of central banking systems. But on the other hand, cryptocurrency is just the opposite of it, they use decentralized control, and this is what makes it so amazing. Here we will tell you about different ways to use your various cryptocurrencies in everyday life.

CryptoCurrency Sneaking Up on Our Everyday Life

What if I told you that you could use your cryptocurrency, e.g Bitcoin during your everyday grocery shopping? Amazing, right? Yeah, we can use our bitcoins in certain shops like Safeway and Albertsons stores. You can find these stores in California, Texas, and Washington. Usually, we would take what we need and pay at the checkout counter with cash/card. But it is all going to change when you learn about these exclusive stores which are rapidly increasing day by day around us.

In these stores, they have placed coin machines where you put your cash and get a code. These codes are the real deal; to get your bitcoins you now have to redeem these codes on their website ‘’.

Want to Pay via Crypto Currency? No problem!

Now, if you have saved up a considerable quantity of cryptocurrencies and you want to spend them as quickly as you spend your cash and coin currencies, then here is a list of websites that accept direct cryptocurrency payment!

· Overstock

· Microsoft

· Shopify

· Newegg

· Dish Network

· Expedia

· eGifter

· Reddit

· Subway

These are only a few mentions of more than 200 websites accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method. You can even purchase items from through cryptocurrencies, but for that, you need to use Amazon through this portal

Turn Useless Spare Change to Earn Big Bucks!

We all have a jar full of useless spare change in our home/our work. These changes are doing nothing but laying around our house, but we can put them to good use. There is a service in the United States of America named ‘BillPay’; this service is nothing like any other service you have seen. They take your change and convert them into cryptocurrency and now you can use them to pay bills you owe.

For this, you have to ship them your coins, and they will convert it into cryptocurrencies and send it to you. But you must be thinking that it’s not cheap just to send heavy metal coins around the country. But when you consider you get cryptocurrencies worth your one-month lodging and eating money, then that’s a different story altogether! Billpay guarantees that they can process up to 9000 dollars at a time which is a lot of money.

Cryptocurrencies are Taking over ATMs Too

In the technologically advanced world, there are so many changes happening day-to-day and that applies to currencies as well. In the age of cryptocurrencies, they are also taking over ATMs. According to a survey in the whole world, there are 4000 Bitcoin ATMs. The top contenders are Genesis Coin and General Bytes. Both of them have more than 1,000 ATMs available around the world.

Thanks to kiosks that operate in 54 different locations, they have made Coinme ranking 9th amongst these cryptocurrencies ATM operators. Spending bitcoins or buying bitcoins online is the thing for the youngsters, but in order to grow Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies any further, they required support from middle-aged and old aged people too. That is why they are an emergency and taking over ATM industries also. Cryptocurrency enabled ATMs are proudly available in over 70 countries worldwide.

Crypto Debit Cards are Making History

Crypto debit cards may seem a little confusing at first but fear not they are just as easy as regular debit cards issued by your bank. The only difference is that they are not linked to a mobile banking app but a crypto wallet. These cards are available in both virtual and physical type. If you only do online shopping with your debit cards, then you do not need a physical type debit card.

Various cryptocurrency companies are offering both types of debit cards. These debit cards are acceptable in any country you can name. These cards are just like Visa or Maestro cards which you can use in any country you travel. One popular cryptocurrency fun fact (you can find a lot more crypto fun facts on this page) that everyone should know is that virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethreum are increasingly used at online casinos across the world for the purpose of deposits and withdrawals.

The Future of Currency

Without a doubt, cryptocurrencies like bitcoins are the real future of currencies. Unlike the currency which is available in our country such as paper notes on metal coins which are regulated by the central banking system, cryptocurrencies are indeed the synonym for freedom which we need to break free from exchange rate fee or other charges which come with that.

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