Relevant Information On What You Need To Know About Bitpanda Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bitpanda is a cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can buy, store, and sell cryptocurrency in the Eurozone and UK. The company is Vienna, Austria-based and has nine hundred thousand users that buy coins straight from Bitpanda and are charged a fixed broker commission, unlike other platforms where users are trading against other users bidding for the best asking prices.

What is Bitpanda?

Bitpanda is a cryptocurrency exchange podium where users can buy, sell, and swap coins or they can pay by using accepted vouchers. Since Bitpanda started trading bitcoin in 2014, it has expanded into the foremost European retail broker, trading in Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin and other cryptos. Bitpanda Web is a place for retail investors to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Bitpanda Plus offers OTC trading beginning at EUR 1 million for specialized traders.

Bitpanda can be accessed through their website or app where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency. The broker is continuously adding new crypto exchange offerings:

· Bitpanda Swap – Swapping virtual currencies.

· Bitpanda Savings – Here, you can expand your crypto portfolio through buying a set amount of crypto at a fixed date (monthly, biweekly, weekly or daily). Bitpanda saving is a crypto-cost averaging sequencer.

· Bitpanda – Offers an app and a website for selling and buying cryptocurrency.

· Bitpanda Plus – Users are trading directly over-the-counter (OTC) in totals more than EUR 1 million.

· Bitpanda to go – Here, users can purchase a prepaid cryptocurrency card with cash at specific Austrian vendors, and they can redeem it on Bitpanda for any type of coin.

Bitpanda is continuously adding coins. Since March, users can purchase Tether, Lisk, Trezor, USD coin, and Cardano. The reason for having these coins is that customers voted in the latest coin integration poll and that is how the coins were chosen. You can see this review for more information on the cryptocurrency exchange.

How Does Bitpanda Work?

The virtual currency exchange market is inundated. Bitpanda is competing with Luno, Changelly and various other cryptocurrency brokers. However, Bitpanda is a testimony that there is still room for variation. For many customers, the various services on offer and the reliability justify the broker’s fees.

Besides, Bitpanda provides more than ten methods of payment for cryptocurrency, including, credit card, debit card, bank transfer, SEPA, EPS, Neteller, GiroPay, Sofort, Skrill and cash (Bitpanda to go).

Which Cryptocurrencies Are Supported By Bitpanda?

Bitpanda has a high trust rating amidst investors, which is beneficial as it helped in attracting coins for listing. Ripple was listed in 2018 for “trading only” on Bitpanda. During this time, investors were only permitted to buy Ripple on Bitfinex and Bitstamp. Bitpanda’s instant and trustworthy crypto exchanges met with Ripple’s stringent criteria.

Cryptocurrencies Supported On Bitpanda:

















Supported Countries

Bitpanda is located in Austria, but the service can be accessed worldwide. Unverified accounts can gain access to the free wallet to receive and send money to other users. Verified accounts, however, have full access to the crypto exchange, savings, and other services.

Fees And Limits

Bitpanda is charging a 1.49% fee for purchasing and 1.29% fee for selling cryptocurrency. Every coin has its withdrawal and deposit fees.

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