How To Use An Amazon FBA Prep Service?

There are many different criteria that a package fulfills to become FBA approved. When you are a trusted seller and sell hundreds of products every day, fulfilling each box according to the requirements is frustrating. Fulfilling each box according to the criteria is a hassle when you are putting out bulk orders. This process uses up a lot of workforce and time. When you are a small business operating on limitations, the fulfillment process often turns burdensome. At such times, it is essential to outsource Amazon’s FBA prep service to third parties. 

Many third-party companies take over the prepping services for your business. However, it isn’t easy to choose a third party for prep services. This is because prepping for FBA is an important responsibility. Therefore, you look for good, reliable FBA prep services that are great at what they do. Many sellers still do not know that FBA prep outsourcing is possible. This article focuses on the FBA prep service and why you should go for an FBA prep outsourcing service. In the article, you also understand the factors that decide the viability of an FBA prep service.

Why choose a third-party FBA prep service? 

When it comes to FBA prep, a seller has many options to explore. First, he can fulfill the packaging requirements on his own. On the other hand, he can outsource these packaging duties to Amazon. Thirdly, he can outsource the services to third-party packaging service. While you may not specialize in FBA packaging, a professional FBA packaging service deals with it expertly. Therefore, it is best to outsource it to professional specialized FBA prep services. Taking the help of an FBA prep service is especially important if you send packages into the fulfillment center for the first time. 

There are many rules and regulations to abide by. A professional FBA prep service takes away the stress and hassle of FBA packaging. This way, you can focus on your strong point of selling. Therefore, it is best to choose a specific FBA prep service specializing in meeting Amazon packaging standards. 

This perspective comes into work when you are dealing with bulk orders. Of course, you can learn FBA packaging from the few initial charges, but this process is more of a trial and error. For bulk orders, it is best to trust the experts. Therefore, you should let the experts step in. 

How to choose the exemplary FBA prep service  

Just because we advocate using professional FBA prep services does not mean you should not hire an FBA prep service blindly. Look for the following features in an FBA prep service to ensure that it is reliable. 

Price of the services

 At what cost you avail of the services of an FBA prep company is essential to consider. Of course, you are going to spend money on the services. However, it is necessary to ensure that the price does not exceed the quality of services. Focus on getting the best deal you can on the services. Do not compromise with the service quality. However, do not overspend on the benefits too. Browse through different companies and zero in on the best one that fits your budget. 

Location of the prep center 

The shipping services heavily depend on location advantage. The shipping companies use several strategic locations to their advantage. As a seller, too, you need to choose a prep center that works to your business advantage. The prep canter should be closer to your shipping ports to ensure that the shipping time reduces considerably. The presence of your prep canter near your shipping ports helps in reducing shipping costs and time. The decision also introduces operational efficiency into your business. 

Storage facility 

When you go for a professional FBA prep service, always choose one with an additional storage facility. This is because; your FBA prep service facility can also double up as a storage facility and save warehousing costs for you. At a time when warehouse space is scarce, it is best to choose a multitasking facility. Storing your products at an FBA prep service facility in a ready-to-ship package reduces time and cost for your business. It is cheaper than storing bulk shipments at a fulfillment center. This introduces a level of organization to your sales and shipping process. It means that you can send in only the required shipment to your fulfillment center. 


Choosing an FBA prep service is a financial and operational commitment. FBA is prepping, packaging and shipping packages are an essential part of your operations. There will always be doubts before trusting a specific FBA prep service with significant responsibility. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct thorough research on FBA prep services before finalizing your prepping partner.  

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