5 Unbeatable Advantages of Chartering a Jet in the City of Angels

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The real advantage of having a little money is having choices. Making good choices is the key to living a good life. One great choice related to air travel is chartering a jet. When the time comes for you to make choices related to your air travel, you will have two choices.

The first choice would be to go with traditional commercial air travel. There was a time that would be a reasonable choice, but not so much anymore. The commercial air travel industry is in total disarray and something for people to avoid if they can.

The other choice would be chartering a private jet. Certainly, that will not be an option for everyone because of money constraints. If, by chance, financial resources are not something you lack, it could be that chartering a private jet would be an option for you.

When all is said and done, you’ll be wanting advantages for the potentially high cost of chartering a jet. Guess what? There are five (5) unbeatable advantages to be had, and here they are.

1. Your Travel – Your Itinerary

When you fly commercial, the flight schedule is set. You have to be there when they say you have to be there. You have to do that with no assurance your flight is going to leave on time.

If you live in the City of Angels, you can get complete control of your itinerary by hiring a private jet charter in Los Angeles. You get to control where the jet flies, how many destinations the trip will cover, and when flights will take off. You may not be able to control when they land, but you can communicate directly with the flight crew to stay informed.

2. Amenities That Make Travel Luxurious

If a man or woman works hard and earns a significant living, it’s reasonable that they would want to enjoy certain luxuries in life. Flying private is a luxury largely due to the amazing amenities that are offered to keep private travel comfortable.

While the right amenities are generally a matter of personal preference, some are universally considered great. That would include these amenities:

  • Spacious areas with spacious and comfortable seating
  • Fewer restrictions on the amount of luggage and cargo that can be loaded
  • Showers and sleeping quarters
  • Open menu for food and beverages
  • Wi-Fi, cell service, and cable access
  • Work area spaces for business travelers

3. Avoid the Inconveniences of Commercial Air Travel

This is a big advantage given the current state of the commercial air travel industry. It’s become commonplace for travelers to have to endure travel inconveniences like rude airport and airline employees, long lines for check-in and security, delayed flights, canceled flights, and lost luggage.

When chartering a jet, you don’t need to show up until minutes before you want to take off. There are no flight delays, and cancellations are very, very rare. You also get the advantage of knowing exactly where your luggage and cargo are at all times.

4. Travel Companion Control

Once you select the type and size of jet you want to rent; you will immediately know how many guests you would be able to invite. You would get to decide how many people there would be and which people would be traveling with you. That gives you control of the travel environment. It also allows you to dictate how much privacy you would get while traveling.

5. Destination Flexibility

Big commercial jets have to take off and land at large commercial airports. That’s inconvenient for travelers who need to get to a smaller city outside big metro areas. That’s much less of a problem for private charter jets. Since they are smaller and more nimble, they can land and take off at small regional airports and private landing strips when necessary. Ultimately, landing closer to your real travel destination would save you time and money.


As you contemplate whether or not chartering a private jet makes sense for you, you’ll want to consider the cost and assign value to the potential advantages. Assuming money is not much of an issue, choosing private air travel would make perfect sense for you if the advantages outweigh the cost. The decision-making process is that easy.

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