How To Style Your Home With Trending Botanical Decor?

The colors and patterns of nature are heavenly, and one never gets bored of these soothing colors. Likewise, the bright foliage, florals, and botanical prints bring positivity and energy to any space. So, embrace this element of nature in your home with trending botanical decor.

If you don’t have an idea from where to start, keep reading to know all the best ways to bring trending botanical decor to your home!

Create a Feature Wall With living Moss

Living moss is a trending element of home decor and looks super refreshing. Mood, fern, or pillow moss is preserved in a flatbed with thistles, Brazilian or hill flowers. Then, they are framed to create amazing wall arts. 

It can be as big as you wish. It’s a great element for purifying indoor air, brings greenery, and looks unique. You can create this living moss feature wall in your dining or living area.

Botanical Print Wall Arts

One of the easiest ways to add incredible greenery to your home is in the form of botanical wall arts. You can opt for a sizable wall of art with portraits of flowers, leaves, foliage, and hang it on a large blank wall. 

Another fantastic idea is creating a grid or trying a multi-piece split canvas. Botanical wall arts in the form of beautiful leaf wall arts go with every room of the house. It brings a focal point, texture, and personality to any space. 

Make a Plant Wall Hanging

So, get up and bring all your DIY essentials. You can create an awesome plant wall hanging with simple steps. First, take an old closet door or window. Then, repaint it to your favorite color and hang galvanized pots on it. This small plant hanging will bring instant happy vibes to any place. In addition, indoor plants will purify the air and overall shower a positive aura in your room.

Tip: With this technique, you can create a mini herb garden in your kitchen. It will be both functional and attractive botanical decor. 


Introduce Botanicals in the Fabrics

You can introduce botanicals in the form of fabrics. For example, keep the wall color and other elements of the space neutral, earthy, and very minimalist. Then, pair cushions having leaf prints, a floral curtain, and a large rug with botanical prints. 

This scheme will neutralize the decor and doesn’t make your home look cluttered with extra green decor. In addition, a carpet with a large leaf cut out on the hallway floor looks very dramatic. Finally, a pretty dining table cloth with a banana leaf will look super appealing and increase your appetite. 

Try vibrant Wallpapers

The wallpapers are the new sensation as they are very versatile, easy to install, and readily removable. The bonus is that they are available in all minimalistic to bold botanical patterns. There can be large prints and very subtle prints too. 

So, if you want to highlight a single wall, you can go for a strong design. Also, if you’re going to wallpaper all your walls, you can choose slightly small prints. The texture of the wallpaper is amazing and looks very superior.

Mount Leafy Ceramics

Imagine a cozy corner of your house with beautiful, artistic ceramics having botanical prints on that wall. It will look super creative, attractive, and very sophisticated. The ceramics with banana leaves, floral, etc., are easily available and complement the dining wall. You can also use serveware having green prints to add little details to your botanical decor. 

So, Pick Your Favorite one now!

So, these were some great picks to choose for introducing botanical decor in your space; select your favorite options and bring some fresh vibes, calming colors, and lots of greenery to your home. A place’s decoration is the mirror of people living in a home. So, update your decor now and impress everyone, including yourself!

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