How To Spot Fake Diamonds In Highland Parks

Buying a diamond is a huge investment, so making sure that the item that you are purchasing is really what it says it is because you are paying a huge amount of money for it. There are a lot of places where you could find the best price wedding rings in Highland park but you also have to settle your anxiety. Here are a few ways on how to spot fake diamonds in Highland Park.

Should I try the scratch test?

When it comes to finding out if the diamond that you have purchased is real, the most common thing that people would tell you to do is try the “scratch test.” This test could be done by scratching the stone that you have purchased on the mirror. If you notice that the stone scratched the mirror, then it means that it is a real diamond. If it does nothing to the mirror then it is probably not a real diamond, but another kind of mineral instead.

Does a real diamond scratch glass?

Diamonds are the hardest minerals, so they could definitely scratch glass. But you should also consider the fact that anything harder than the mirror itself could actually scratch it. If you are planning on doing the scratch test, then there is a chance that it may be inaccurate because of those reasons. 

How can you identify a real diamond?


The fog test is a relatively easy test that you could do because all you are going to need is the diamond in question and yourself. To do this test, you are going to have to go to a place that is kind of cold and blow your hot breath to the stone to surround the diamond with warm moist air. Take a step back and observe, does the diamond have fog on it? If it does, it’s probably fake. This is because a diamond can not retain heat so there wouldn’t be any fog on it if you blow hot air on it.


For the magnification test, all you are going to need is a magnifying glass that could magnify on your stone 10 times over or more, the diamond that you are testing, and another diamond that you know is true.

You put the diamond in question under the microscope and if you compare both stones and notice that there are a lot of flaws that you would be able to see internally and externally, then it probably is a real diamond because it means that they were natural rocks that were mined from the ground. Other rocks like moissanite and cubic zirconia are both made in labs, which is why they are flawless.


This, like all of the other tests, is easy because you are only going to see the news in a newspaper. Put the diamond in question on the newspaper, put it near your eyes, and check if you could make out the words on the other side of it. If you can’t read the words on the other side, then it is a real diamond because a real diamond refracts light, making you unaware of the words on the other side of the stone.


Grab a glass of water and drop the diamond into the glass. Observe the diamond. Does it sink? Does it float? If the stone you dropped sinks, then it’s real because real diamonds are very dense, so they sink when they are put into water.


A candle flame or lighter, a pair of tweezers, and a glass of very cold water are all you are going to have to gather for the temperature test. Use the tweezers to hold the stone up to the candle or lighter flame for 35 seconds before immediately dropping it into the cold water. If the stone you dropped does not react, it’s probably real because the components of a diamond are made out of very strong materials.

Black light

You are only going to need a UV light for this test. Put your stone under the UV light and it is a real diamond if you notice that the stone has a bluish glow.

There are a lot of minerals that look like diamonds, and people who do not have any idea about how diamonds work could easily be scammed of their money because they are not knowledgeable enough about the said topic. These home tests are not foolproof, but it could give you the benefit of the doubt when you are questioning the kind of stone you have.

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