How To Scale Up And Improve Your Business Internet Systems

Over 4 billion people in the world use the internet in some way, from looking up information and shopping to communicating and video conferencing. Businesses and e-commerce, in particular, rely on the internet to get things done. Bandwidth, or the rate at which you can send or receive data, is one of the most important factors to consider when looking at your connectivity. For organizations that have poor connectivity, it becomes crucial to improve the internet systems of a business to enhance operational efficiencies and increase profits.

Check And Upgrade Hardware

One of the first things to do when setting up your business internet systems is to canvass the list of providers in your area. Compare the bandwidth that each one can offer at a good price. If you run a small business with a few employees, getting a 75 Mbps is adequate, according to For enterprises with over 30 employees, you will need a bandwidth of 1,000 Mbps. A Hubspot study shows that 55% of visitors spend only 15 seconds on a site. Poor loading times of web pages frustrate visitors, and they are likely to move on to other sites if this happens.

In addition to opting for the fastest bandwidth provider, ensure that you contract structured cabling installers that can offer the best speed, quality, organization and cost. Structured cabling ensures that you get the best internet service that will also give you the optimum reliability in data transmission. At the moment, fiber optic internet is the fastest internet service available compared to broadband. It offers the fastest download and upload speeds of up to 2Gbps or 2,000 Mbps.

Computer Processors And Software

It’s not only the router or cable that is the culprit in delivering faster internet speeds. To improve the productivity of your business, make sure that your computer itself has the capacity to process data and receive loads of information. A weak processor can hamper the speed of your internet which will, in turn, affect the speed of your internet. 

It also goes without saying that you must ensure that there is no malware running in the background and connecting to your internet without your knowledge, draining the resources of your computer. Malware can even steal personal and company data, and in extreme cases, hold it for ransom. Thus, it makes sense to invest in an antivirus program to ward off viruses that corrupt data and malware that can delete information.

The internet is, for many businesses, a lifeline. Valuable data storage and transactions happen online. Ensuring that you get a fast and reliable service is as vital as upgrading your hardware, computers and software programs for uninterrupted service.

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