7 Tech Items You Need In Your Trade Show Booth To Make It A Success

Today, technology is a crucial element of trade shows. You need technology from the start of the show registration to managing leads after the end of the exhibit. And in every step in between, as well.


Equipping your trade show booth with the latest tech items is a surefire way to attract attention and engage attendees. But, have you considered the impact of what you wear in your booth? Your attire can make a significant difference in how you present yourself and your brand.

For those planning to incorporate a photobooth into their booth design, this Guide on What to Wear in a Photobooth can be a valuable resource. It offers tips and advice on choosing outfits that will make your photos pop, ensuring you leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

The use of technology in trade shows has improved over time due to unlimited and impressive developments as well as specific needs and preferences of exhibitors. Here are 7 trade show items you should incorporate in your trade show booth to draw more traffic, to amuse and engage with your potential prospects.

1. Use Video Displays

During a trade show, your staff may get too engaged talking with visitors, and that’s where video displays come into the picture. Video displays help you reach all your visitors by providing important information about your company, products, as well as your specific area of expertise. 

Make sure the video displays are strategically placed so that every visitor at your stand can clearly watch. This gives your audience an impression of professionalism and can guarantee the satisfaction of your visitors.

2. Use Virtual Reality Experience

Among the many tech developments you can incorporate in your booth, virtual reality can be a total game-changer. Although trade shows are a competitive space, you can use virtual reality to get your message across. This will set you apart from the rest, leave your visitors more engaged, and a lasting memory of your brand.

virtual reality booths at a trade show display

Using virtual reality has endless possibilities. It is an ideal tool for product demonstration, gamification, AR photo mirror, visual entertainment, among others.  

3. Use Smartphones, iPad, and Tablets

A trade show is a competitive marketplace where every exhibitor is striving for the valuable attention of potential customers. That’s why it’s critical to stand out, and using tablets and smartphones will do just that. Your visitors also get an opportunity to check out your website as well as detailed information about your product. Your staff can also take photos of your audience’s business cards, who are interested in your services or products. This can save you lots of time instead of writing everything down.

4. Use Both Digital and Traditional Information

These days, most people have embraced digitization and would prefer to have digital brochures emailed to them. For example, some have numerous pamphlets and are probably tired of carrying them around. In addition, digital brochures don’t occupy any space and are cheaper than the traditional ones. On the other hand, there are people who prefer traditional brochures, so it’s important to have both.

5. Have a Charger Station

charging station for electronic devices

Although smartphones are an essential part of modern life, their batteries don’t last for long. That’s why having a charging station at your booth can attract more visitors. Even those who are not interested in your brand can look around and get more information about your company. Better yet, they can change their mind as they wait for their phones to charge. If you are struggling with your trade show booth and exhibit design, reach out to a professional firm such as Exhibits NW. These firms rent and custom build booths that look professional and attractive. 

6. Free Wi-Fi

With a massive number of visitors across the entire hall, it can get extremely busy, which can be overwhelming especially for smartphone users. You can offer free and secure Wi-Fi for your visitors, which can keep them more relaxed and spend more time on your exhibit. You can also use it as a lead generation method by asking them to leave their contact details to access the Wi-Fi.

7. Use social media

Social media should be at the top of the list of your marketing strategies for the show. Trade shows brim with people from all over with each carrying a smartphone, and perhaps checking social media once in while the entire day. Check the trade show’s social media network pages and announce that you will attend.

For instance, you can use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to ensure attendees find you easily. Post new and fresh content regularly on your websites and answer any questions asked. You can also use social media to promote your service or products and you can even announce to offer a giveaway at your stand.

Do not miss out on the endless social media options that can help you make the most out of the trade show. However, not all platforms perfectly match your brand. That’s why you should be able to adapt and adjust other ideas to fit into your social media marketing strategy. Not forgetting to secure and uphold a loyal clientele base.


If you are planning to boost your booth using tech, you can consider consulting an experienced display company to check out all available options. Most importantly, remember that even most advanced technology cannot define a successful trade show exhibit. You need to carefully plan and execute to ensure all facets of the exhibit are covered.

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