How to save time, money, and hassle when leasing a car

Most Australians need a car to get around. It may be to get to work, to take the family out, or for everyday living. It can be an expensive outlay, which can also be confusing trying to find the best value. Leasing a car could be a good option.

Finding a car is time-consuming, so finding a solution that takes care of everything is the perfect way for those who decide to speak to the professionals at Novated Leasing who take all the hassle out of being in possession of a new car.

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The leasing company and an employer are the other partners, as all the running costs are put together into one bundle. The company then receives payment from the employer straight out of the employee’s salary. There are no worries about when payments or due, or where to shop around. Everything is made simple.

The deduction from the payroll

This that the money isn’t missed, with savings on the overall costs adding to the attraction of the agreement. There is less income tax to be paid, running costs drop, and the most competitive price is sourced for the desired vehicle. With such peace of mind, other enjoyable issues such as obtaining some smart barbeque grill gadgets can be looked at.

Maintenance is Covered

Any doubts concerning tires, fuel, maintenance, and repairs are taken care of so that the leaseholder can relax and enjoy their daily lives. Those who decide that an electric car is a smart idea can save even more money. The company involved continually beats the price of new cars to deliver the best value to their clients, while minimized and simplified running costs are something any road user will enjoy.

Honda Car
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Reduced Income Tax

Income tax is reduced while savings are made on GST and further trading in is made easier. Those in any doubt can use the calculator on the firm’s website to see just how much they can save when comparing different cars. The best insurance is sourced to suit the individual which will provide roadside assistance support as well as accident management if things go wrong.


Even better, the highest quality accessories can be sourced and included as part of the agreement so that travel is enhanced with increased fun and safety. Choosing to have fuel to be included sees fuel payment cards being sent to the leaseholder for their use. The car might be used to go shopping at a local market.


When the lease comes to an end, a new car can be selected and a new agreement signed as before, or an extended lease can be agreed upon for those who like their vehicle. Alternatively, it’s possible to sell it with any profit being pocketed after paying the company the residual value.

Being in possession of a quality car has never been easier than for those who enter into a leasing agreement with a professional company and employees which cuts costs and simplifies all payments.

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