How To Make Good Use Of Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos are always offering more and more bonuses and promotions to both new members and their registered ones as well. This is done so in a bid to have more followers and to ensure that those who are already registered as their members do not have to search for better offers.

Using these bonuses cleverly can not only make you a pro in this sport but also increase your winnings. There are a few special tricks that the majority of professionals use to challenge the system and eventually walk away smiling with winnings.

Understanding the Basic Ground Rules

Before you try to ‘hack’ the system to walk away with lots of winnings, it is paramount first to understand how they work. Some of the basics you should be aware of include:

· Bonuses and promotions are the same things. Each casino uses its discretion to choose what name to give their offers.

· Even if you have used such bonuses before, you should understand that each one of them is different, and the terms vary from one site to another. It is advisable that you first go through the terms and conditions of the promotion before using it. They might all be different or having a minor difference.

· You are supposed to perform a bonus comparison before you settle on one site, after going through their terms and picking out the most favorable one.

· You have to meet the wagering requirements that are set by the site before you are allowed to make any bonus withdrawals. Some of the conditions might be anywhere between 20X and 50X, meaning you will have to turn over the bonus amount before you make a withdrawal. You should also beware that there are games that may not be used for wagers.

· A ‘sticky’ or non-cashable bonus may not get withdrawn on many sites. Soon after you meet the minimum wagering requirements, the amount would be deducted from your balance.

· In many cases, you may be required to use and play with your cash balance first before you would be able to use the ‘sticky’ bonus, soon after the former runs out.

The basic rule here is to beware of the terms and conditions for every bonus you see being advertised. It is, therefore, necessary to go through even the ‘boring’ sections in great detail as they might have some hidden terms that may invalidate the usefulness of the entire promotion.

Additional Casino Bonus Playing Tips

After going through the terms of the bonus and you feel like they are okay, it is now time to try and beat the system, using some of these useful tips and tricks:

1. Create a wagering plan first – be realistic with your thinking through-out the way.

2. Go for low or medium variance games to use the bonus on – this is the safest and the easiest way to win in the end.

3. Know when to say no – you are not obliged to accept all bonuses you get offered if it doesn’t match your expectations, and then leave it.

4. Take your focus on the free spin bonuses – most free spin bonuses do not have wagering requirements on them, and besides, they also allow you to prolong the fun.

5. Look for regular bonus updates – many promotions are time-limited. You should stay abreast of the different offers available on various sites and have a bonus comparison to choose the best ones for yourself.

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