How To Keep Your Stuff Through Divorce?

Divorce always brings separation. Not only separation between couples but also property, children, and other things.

When two persons get separated, they get their equal shares of all properties, assets, and cash that they own.

But in keeping the staff in a divorce, you have to follow some particular rules and laws that are different from other laws.

Let’s discuss this issue in detail in the following sections. 

How to Keep Your Stuff Through Divorce?

When your divorce is pending, you have to go through many things like property sharing, child custody, and many more.

Keeping these kinds of stuff in a divorce process is a complex thing indeed. So here goes a brief discussion on how to keep your stuff through a divorce.

Disclosing All Assets

In a divorce process, you must disclose all your assets to the other party and the court. Therefore, it would not be wise anymore to conceal your assets in front of the court.

It’s a very sensitive issue indeed. If you hide any assets from the court or the entire process, and if the court can get the information of your hidden asset, you will have to face a heavy penalty for this issue.

Maybe the court will deprive you of that share of assets. Or, you might have got sentenced to jail for several years, and many other unexpected situations might happen.

So, to keep your stuff through a divorce, you need to disclose all the information of your assets that you own.

Disclosing All Debts

Just like your assets, you also need to disclose all the debts you have. Unfortunately, in a marital relationship, spouses often take loans and debts by not informing their partners.

This might be because they do not want their partners to be in any financial hassles or might be something else.

But the time when you have decided to get divorced or separated, both you and your partner must clarify one another about all their loans and debts.

When your property gets divided, your responsibility to repay the debts would also get divided. 

Another thing is that hiding the information of any debts and loans, as the assets, is a crime in the court’s eye. So it will make many worst situations happen.

Even if you hold any retirement accounts, this is also mandatory to be informed to the court while making the divorce process.

Keeping Your Own Documents

You might have owned some money or property before your marriage.

These assets are completely your separate entities, although you have used all those assets for family purposes after your marriage.

During the divorce process between you and your partner, you should submit all your documents to the court to decide your properties easily. If it is cash or financial accounts, you might have documents and papers of those things if it is any property or land, also required documents.

If you own any tangible things like furniture, cars, etc., they might have receipts. Anything that you owned before marriage, you should show sufficient proof in supporting them.

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Having Negotiating Mentality

If you have any particular property that you want to own separately or want the large share of it, or do not want to share with your spouse anymore, you should possess that negotiation mentality.

Only by discussing and negotiating with each other, many complex issues get easily solved out. The scenario is the same in this case.

For example, if you want your retirement account undivided with your partner, you must sit for a negotiation with your partner about this issue.

You have to make him or understand why you want to do so and compensate this property by others. 


Divorce cases are always pretty complex. You have to take every single step very carefully. Here we have tried to present the major things about how to keep your stuff through a divorce.

Hopefully, you have got some ideas about it. If you are planning to divorce your partner, consider these issues before taking any decision. A divorce lawyer is the best companion for you in this field.

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