How To Beat Drug Trafficking Charges In Canada?

The most severe sentences are usually reserved for heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines.

The harsh penalty is life in prison, although this is normally reserved for the more serious criminals.

There are other penalties such as probation, community service, a certain time in prison, fines, etc.

But in these situations, social, familial, and personal life will be ruined for you for a long time.

That is why you need to look for find a lawyer to beat drug trafficking charges in Canada.

That is what we will be talking about here in the article today-

How to Beat Drug Trafficking Charges in Canada

In Canada, lawyers from efficient law firms will understand the process of handling drug trafficking claims. To dismiss the allegation, they will rely on one or more defenses depending on the facts of your case.

Did You Commit the Crime?

The prosecution has the burden of proving that the offense charged against you is true and you have committed the crime.

Firstly, your lawyer will investigate whether you have committed the crime or not. If they find any unusual information that may contradict the allegations, such as the seller’s name, transportations, etc., they will let the authority know.

You Did Not Know About the Possession?

Another possible way to get out of a drug-dealing charge in Canada is to show that you had no idea about all the drug possession. So, you did everything unintentionally.

Perhaps your lawyer can argue that you thought you were selling or carrying a lawful material like medicine or something.

Perhaps you were completely unaware that the drug was in your possession, so maybe someone had planted it on your property without your consent.

But these arguments will only be eligible under certain circumstances and the type of allegations that have been brought against you. 

Your Civil Rights Were Violated?

There are further defenses based on the way the search and arrest took place. For example, convicts are protected under Section 8 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. And if the search is conducted without their permission or even a proper warrant against you.

Tell everything to your legal counsel that occurred after your detention so that they will decide if your rights were broken.

If your lawyer can prove that your civil right was broken during your arrest, your case can get dismissed. Additionally, you can press charge against the police officer violated your privacy. 

Other defenses can also be used depending on the circumstances and evidence. For example, you can say that you did not know the substance is illegal, or you did not mean to traffic the drug at all.

Whatever is the reason or background history, you should tell everything to your lawyers. It is simply never a good idea to go to the trial without considering the help of a lawyer.

Do not take chances regarding the narcotic offenses because there is much too much at stake.

Penalty and Results of Drug Trafficking

The police will send you a letter informing you of your court date and location. You will almost certainly be detained for bail due to the seriousness of narcotics trafficking.

Before the appeal, preliminary hearings can be held, and that is when you seek legal help from your defense lawyer.

Before the appeal is considered, the justice of the peace will decide whether you should be kept in custody or released on parole.

The penalty for drug possession or trafficking in Canada is acute. The penalty starts from 18 months in jail or 2000 dollars of fine.

Sometimes considering the severity of the case, the court gives both penalties at once. For instance, possession of 30 kg of marijuana or more could lead you to 5 years of prison or more.

On the other hand, possession of cocaine or heroin will lead you to 2 years of prison. LSD will buy around 10 years of prison time.

But, considering the circumstances, the case could bring your life imprisonment too.

Once you are arrested and got your name on the record, you can undo things for a long time.

Criminal records hamper social reputation and may limit work opportunities and international travel.

Individuals with such felony records are prohibited from visiting many states or countries.

If you are charged with a drug trafficking case, you’ll need to do everything you can to avoid being convicted.

The first step is to seek help from an experienced legal head from a reputed law firm.

Contact a Lawyer

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They approach on the basis that everyone has the right to fair legal representation. The client could be a suspect or a wrongdoer. So everything you must do is contact them.

They are just one call away. You can easily make a call and let them contact you and learn about your case to schedule it for presentation in court.

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Prevention is always better than cure. So if you want to live a happy and healthy life with no legal problems, just do not get involved with things.

Still, if you are wrongly accused of drug possession or trafficking, always follow the law. Cooperate with the police and contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

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