How To Get Started In Virtual Reality

woman wearing VR headset

Many new technologies can be intimidating at first. They often require the purchase of new hardware, a learning curve, and the development of a new approach to using familiar tools. Virtual Reality may have been around for decades but to many people it is a technology that can be alluring while being daunting. Demystifying VR will allow anyone of any degree of technical skill to dive into the rapidly growing realm of VR entertainment, social networking, and personal growth.

Your First VR Device

As with most major technological revolutions, VR does require the purchase (or loan) of some new hardware. While smartphone VR does exist and can be good for getting your feet wet in this new digital environment, it pales in comparison to what you can experience with even an entry-level device devoted to VR. Sony’s popular Playstation VR is an obvious and sensible starting point for those users looking to expand their gaming habits and proves an easy way to quickly become immersed in the more active and fun side of VR.

Easily the most popular consumer-level VR device is Meta Quest 2. Offering 6DoF (Degrees of Freedom), hand tracking, fitness tracking, and voice commands, Quest 2 is the most intuitive and easiest VR device to begin using. With close ties to your natural movements and gestures, controlling Quest 2 will soon become second nature to even the least experienced user. Exactly how to use your chosen VR device will vary according to which you select but a number of detailed guides on how to use your preferred VR device can help you become comfortable in very little time.

Immerse Yourself in VR

Once you’ve entered virtual reality, you’ll be faced with three main questions. Where to go? What to see? What to do? With much discussion taking place on the topic of virtual reality sex, taking a look at VR porn is an obvious destination for adult users. Humans have a natural curiosity toward sex and, when experienced on quality hardware, VR sex can prove not only fun and exciting but quite beneficial to a developing and maintaining a healthy attitude towards sexual relationships and interactions. Via VR’s immersive power, a user can put themselves in a wide range of sexual situations, experience their deepest fantasies safely and sensibly, and explore the many facets of human sexual experience without worry, intimidation, or anxiety.

One of the many surreal beings you can interact with in adult VR games.

Adult VR experiences are not just limited to pre-recorded interactions with human performers. VR gaming sees a strong range of adults-only titles available to be explored and interacted with. From choose-your-own-adventure stories in which sexual opportunities abound to brief but powerful interactive encounters with all manner of surreal and unreal creatures to highly detailed and endlessly customizable sex simulators, there’s an adult virtual reality game for every kind of player.

Entering the Metaverse

Much has been made of our eventual move into a VR rendered, AI guided meta-existence. While that may still be a way off, moves toward metaversal living are already being made. Facebook (the company, not the platform) rebranded as Meta and made plenty of noise about breaking new ground in a collective virtual existence. Getting comfortable using VR will become easier and easier with every new device that arrives and brings VR use closer to a natural experience. Meta’s forthcoming Quest Pro bridges the gap between VR and AR (Augmented Reality) and gives users more naturalistic physical control over the device and, therefore, their experience. With the metaverse already growing and social, financial, and entertainment activities only increasing, there has never been a better time to start your VR journey than now.

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