Caring For Your FPV Drone: A Complete Guide To Drone Maintenance

Taking care of your drone is essential. To keep up with your hobby successfully, you want to make sure you’re taking good care of the drone product you own. By alternating between long trips and maintenance, you can enjoy all the fun of using your drone without worrying about it falling apart. 

There are a few things to keep in mind regarding proper drone maintenance. As with any product or item you care about, keeping it clean, checking its functioning, and ensuring that it remains in good shape are some of the most important tasks you’ll want to conduct regularly. To ensure your drone is in working order, check each area as needed. 

While caring for your drone is important, you don’t want to obsess over caring for it. Finding a healthy balance between FPV drone maintenance checks and regular flying sessions is essential. It may take you a few tries before you figure out how often maintenance is necessary for your drone, but in the meantime, here are some general guidelines on how to care for your FPV drone using drone maintenance efforts such as those mentioned on sites like DroneFlyer. 

How Often Is Maintenance Necessary? 

Each drone owner will develop their own answer to this question, but from a general standpoint, aim for drone maintenance at least once every month. You should check your drone at the end of each race or freestyle session. You don’t need to complete every aspect of FPV drone maintenance each time, but the thoroughness of your check may influence how well your drone functions. Look at maintenance suggestions on sites like DroneFlyer for more input. 

What Needs To Be Inspected? 

For FPV drone maintenance, be sure to check: 

  • Motor vibration
  • Motor windings
  • Motor screws
  • Motor magnets
  • Motor bearings 
  • Battery age 
  • The balance of battery packs

There are checks that you can carry out to determine if certain aspects need cleaning or need to be replaced. Check the resistance, the conductivity, and the degree of rotation friction to determine if any parts need replacement or repair. Look online at sites like DroneFlyer for specific directions on the outer and inner checks you can perform to inspect the functionality and state of your drone. 

How To Clean Your Drone: Tips On DroneFlyer  

  1. To clean your drone, use isopropyl alcohol spray to remove grime. 
  2. Stay away from water usage to avoid shorting the electronic equipment.
  3. You can also use a gentle brush to sweep away dirt. 

You may not need to clean your drone after every use. Depending on the state of your drone after a session, use your judgment to determine whether it needs to be wiped down. For more tips, check out DroneFlyer online. 

Create Your Own Maintenance Routine For Your Drone 

The above suggestions are the general guidelines for caring for your drone. For a more in-depth maintenance process, look online at sites like DroneFlyer and browse specific maintenance routines you can implement as part of your maintenance routine.  

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