How To Get New CS:GO Skins In 2022?

Nowadays, the famous shooter, which attracts players worldwide, can’t exist without skins and a server host. The decorative colorings for weapons make the game more exciting and offer players different methods. There are 7 rarities of CS:GO skins, and the players aim to get the ones from the latest game updates. Many low-rarity items cost no more than $0.5, but the “covert” and “contraband” may be valued at more than $1,000. 

The algorithms to acquire CS:GO skins have continuously changed with their popularity. Therefore, let’s define the actual ways to get rare in-game items and outline their most profitable. 

Best 3 Alternative Methods to Get Skins 

Each way doesn’t guarantee that you may instantly get the rarest items. However, they are perfect alternatives to buying them on the Steam market or other online platforms. So, let’s find out the objective peculiarities of the listed methods to add new CS:GO skins to your inventory.

Online Tournaments 

There are many competitive platforms that set skins as a reward. For instance, the Faceit platform provides 5v5 and 2v2 battles for amateurs every day. Those who reached the 10th Faceit level could participate in the exciting competitions. The highest chances to win got the most skilled players of CIS high divisions.

The players who want to win the CS:GO skins should follow the necessary steps: 

  • Choose the platform. The most popular tournament organizers are Faceit, Weplay, and Challonge. 
  • Assemble a team. The majority of skin tournaments are provided for 2 and 5 players teams. Therefore, you can play in a custom lobby of friends or join a random team.
  • Register for a championship. You can start fighting for skins in the battles, which correspond to your skill level – most consider the CS:GO skill group. 

Due to the statistics, more than 20 million players already joined specific Faceit tournaments in 2022, which made it one of the most popular CS:GO platforms. 


When a popular streamer broadcasts a game on Twitch, there is a chance to get skins by gathering the specific points. Each streamer sets custom requirements for winning the points, which can be traded for CS:GO skins.

The most regular of them are the following: 

  • You should be present on the stream no less than 5-10 minutes (depends on the streamer’s rules). 
  • Every 15 minutes, the viewer should press the button to get the specific points. 
  • The first chat message in a month brings some points. 
  • The paid subscription gives more points than passive watching the stream. 

The rarity of the skins is equal to their price in points, so you should spend some time watching the broadcast to get the knife or gloves. 

Bets on E-Sports 

Betting is the most unguaranteed method because everything depends on your luck. You can choose the betting website, find out the necessary tournament with the favorite team and place the CS:GO skins as a bet. It is recommended to bet only on the major championships such as PGL, ESL, Blast Premier, etc. The minor and local tournaments may include amateur teams, which use fixed games with the planned result. 

It would help if you didn’t place big bets because even the most objective match may result in defeat. Bet only on the teams, which you know for their high skill and good game understanding, and use only part of the inventory, not the whole one.

To Sum Up 

Overall, in 2022 there are many methods to get items alternative to boring in-game case openings with a low chance to acquire rare items. Choose the safe approach to fill your inventory with the desired CS:GO skins and join online battles, watch Twitch broadcasts or even bet on favorite teams. 

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