How To Get An Injury Lawyer When You Don’t Have Money?

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Vulnerable people often find themselves in tough court battles that need legal representation. Yet few of them can afford to pay for the services. If you have been involved in a court case, you understand the challenges of hiring an attorney. When any incidence that requires legal representation occurs, it leaves you in financial constraints that take time to recover. 

There are incidences that a legal representative is provided for you, but in most cases, you need to hire one. With a good lawyer, you will have the matter settled without consuming your money. What happens when you need one, but have no money to pay for the services? We have put together a few tips to help you if you need an attorney but have no money to pay for their services. 

Engage an Area Attorney

Some lawyers offer free consultations via phone calls or video calls. When you talk to one and later realize that you don’t want them to represent you, you will have most of your questions and a clear strategy to go about the case.

A reasonable person will also help you find a lawyer who can offer legal services for free. During the consultations, you get to understand the attorney and judge whether they are a good fit. 

A competent lawyer can tell if you stand to get paid, for example, if you were involved in an accident. A company such as Finkelstein & Partners, LLP offers free evaluation on personal injury cases before advising the clients on the steps to follow. It is at the consultation stage where the lawyer determines if they can represent you in a court of law. 

Suggest an Eventuality Fee (Contingency Fee) to the Lawyer of Your Choice

If you are certain about hiring a lawyer after the consultations, you can suggest that they represent you in the court process and pay after the outcome. If in case the lawyer is following up for compensation, they will not have a problem representing you without spending a dime upfront.

Contingency fee approach dictates that if the lawyer doesn’t win the case, you won’t pay a dime for their services. The attorney works hard under this arrangement since they know that there must be a victory to secure payments. In such a case, the attorney takes up cases that are sure to win. An eventuality fee helps in injury and other compensation cases. This is because many people would never get compensated without such an agreement since they are vulnerable.

Approach Legal Support Associations

Legal aid associations help the less fortunate in society to receive free legal services. The associations check a person’s income in a given period to determine if they qualify for free legal representation. This is the most preferred way of acquiring legal help for genuine cases without financial ability. 

Engage a Courthouse

This is where you decide to do your paperwork since the representatives often provide legal help at no cost. It doesn’t matter if the case is complicated or not; they usually advise on how you will find help without paying for the services. 

Whether you are a low-income resident living below the poverty line or going through a strenuous financial period, do not lose hope of getting legal services without money. You have many options that will provide a proper outcome.

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