How to Double Your Online Traffic Using SEO

Let’s face it — as a website, most of your traffic comes from search engines. Of the traffic from search engines, a great majority come from Google. Your company might have the most
beautiful and valuable content in the universe and even the most dynamic design, but if it’s not
visible to people making search queries on Google and other search engines, then none of that
matters. It doesn’t just end there, however. It shouldn’t just be on Google’s search results — it should be on the very first page of Google search results.

Ask anyone experienced in SEO services and they’ll tell you that good search engine
optimization (SEO) is the secret to landing the top three search results on Google. In fact, here are some tips you can start using immediately to give yourself an edge over the competition.

Site Speed

Google has reiterated many times that it values fast-loading sites, so you can’t skimp on this.
With the growing impatience of online users, if your sites take anything more than 10 seconds to
load, you’ll be losing visitors fast. In fact, most users expect a site to load in less than 5
seconds. You can use such like Google PageSpeed Insights to find out if your site is loading
fast enough and also to figure out what might be slowing it down if it isn’t.

The whole rationale behind the emphasis on site speed is that Google wants its users to have
the best experience possible. Site visitors shouldn’t feel like they landed on the wrong page
simply because it’s taking forever to load. It’s your job to make sure they get the instant
gratification they’re seeking.

Quality Content

Quality content has always been important but never before has it been as important as it is
now. That importance is only likely to keep increasing as time goes on. You might be tempted to
write great quantities of content so that your website looks fresh every time people visit it. However, if they’re not enjoying your content or at least finding it useful, they’ll abandon your website soon enough. Focus on solving the problems of your visitors and writing for them rather than the search engines. The traffic and rankings will follow naturally.

Optimize Your Keywords

A woman typing on a laptop with a candle.

Your visitors will likely be using certain words and phrases when they make search queries on
Google. In order to have them find you, optimize your articles for these keywords. Let your
visitors know that you’re in a position to solve their problems right from the search results page and your click-through rate will benefit immensely. Don’t overdo it, however, or sprinkle
keywords generously everywhere. Remember: quality first, optimization later.

Go for Visual Appeal

Here what matters most is text size. I don’t know about you but I’m turned off by web pages that
have incredibly small text that’s a chore to read. Whether your pages are being read on a
desktop computer or a mobile screen, make sure the text is readable to your visitors. Even if
your content is already of very high quality, make sure your visitors actually have the opportunity
to read it.

Make Your Website Responsive

This one simply cannot miss on this list. Google emphasizes that it prefers responsive websites
to nonresponsive ones, and with the number of visitors, websites get from mobile phones and
tablets, not having a responsive website would lock out a large proportion of their visitors. Make sure your website functions correctly and looks visually appealing no matter what the
dimensions of the screen and your traffic is bound to double.

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