How To Buy Ideas Online With Cryptocurrency

It can be hard to determine if bitcoin will go up or down, but one thing we do know is that with a little creativity, consumers can purchase an idea online with cryptocurrency. Buying an idea may sound like a broad topic, but hear us out on this one. While there are more comprehensive lists available, this list will highlight the unique diversity available in purchasing ideas, whether it is an idea for a new vehicle or an invention.

Purchase new vehicle ideas through concept cars

A concept car is a prototype that brands create to showcase a new style, technology, or new idea for a motor vehicle. Some examples include:

  • Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow: A concept car idea to draw inspiration from its ancestors to create a 208-inch long single-seater vehicle with extendable rear.
  • Audi PB18 e-Tron: An innovative vehicle designed to run on electricity while maintaining the open-wheel racing car dynamic.
  • Ferrari F80 Supercar Concept: A two-seater car that offers 1200hp while maintaining the classic red frame of Ferrari.

Since these vehicles are considered luxuries, they are often difficult to purchase. However, has created a cryptocurrency marketplace that allows people to buy sports cars with bitcoin. Once users find a concept car they like, they can add it to their virtual cart. Depending on the cost of the vehicle, users also have the option to check out with the platform’s secure escrow services.

Purchase invention ideas

Alternatively, you might be looking to buy an idea for an invention. Unfortunately, there aren’t any large idea platforms that accept bitcoin yet. But transactions are still possible. Buyers can use a platform called IdeaConnection to browse through expert “ideas” until they find a concept that might be worth paying for. Although the platform doesn’t directly accept bitcoin, users may agree with the Seller directly and engage with a cryptocurrency escrow service to help facilitate the transaction. Escrow services protect the rights of the Buyer by acting as a neutral third party. Buyers can transfer funds to the middleman rather than directly to the Seller. Several idea hubs are also available to connect Buyers to Sellers. Any peer-to-peer transaction can become a bitcoin exchange as long as both parties agree to this form of payment.

Purchase an employee’s services to generate an idea

Users may also decide to hire a worker who accepts bitcoin to develop an idea for them. Cryptojobslist has over 2148+ open cryptocurrency jobs and many eager employees. Buyers looking for an idea may decide to list a temporary contract job to get the help of an expert.

Purchase marketing ideas

Rankworks is a digital marketing agency and industry leader in web design that recently announced that they would accept bitcoin payments. For those looking for ideas for their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, Facebook Ads campaigns or concepts for social media can reach out to the agency. 

Conducting the transaction

Once you have located the platform to purchase an idea from, you might be wondering what the payment process looks like. Buyers will need to send money to a Seller’s bitcoin address, a 34 digit combination of upper and lowercase letters, and random numbers. When a Buyer sends cryptocurrency to someone else, your wallet creates this transaction output, which addresses the person you’re sending the coin to. The cryptocurrency network will register the transaction with your address as the input. The network will indicate the Seller’s address as the transaction output.

If users engage with a cryptocurrency escrow service, they may choose to add the service at checkout or engage with the provider separately. Setting up an account will require a username and password. Depending on the exchange, a Know Your Client (KYC) compliance might be a requirement as well. The Buyer and Seller will determine the details of their transactions, including the payment type. Afterwards, the escrow provider will hold the funds from the Buyer until they receive the idea. Once the Buyer receives the idea and indicates they are happy with the outcome, the escrow agent will deposit the funds into the Seller’s account.


Although buying an idea online with cryptocurrency may require a little creativity, many platforms support these transactions. As cryptocurrency continues to gain adoption, buyers can expect the variety of offerings to increase.

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