Top 5 Online PDF Utilities 2023

Do you always need to create or edit PDF files for your business? Worry not, because we’ve got you covered. This list includes the top 5 online PDF utilities that will help you edit or sign any PDF file without converting it to any other format. All these tools are your best options to work on a PDF file from any device.

We have listed some completely web-based PDF utilities. They are helpful when you want to get a service without getting into the trouble of installing an application. Read this article or learn more about the tool on Cocodoc’s official website.

Let’s start with the most powerful tool to edit these files online.


When it comes to editing PDF files online, CocoDoc is the preferred option for experts. It is a PDF editor that provides dozens of features to edit, sign, create, or convert any PDF file within a few seconds. You can either create an account to manage your files online or get its services directly.

However, we recommend creating an account as there are many integration tools that you can use to access Google Drive files conveniently. Additionally, it comes with free cloud storage to store files for better accessibility.

We placed it as our top PDF utilities solution because it has all the tools that you need while editing one. The freestyle writing option lets you sign any PDF and make it legally enforceable within a few seconds. Thus, it can be used to sign forms and other legal documents.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

We all know about Adobe Acrobat Pro as it is one of the oldest tools in the market. You can use this solution to edit any PDF document without converting it to any other format. Additionally, it provides a convenient way to merge multiple files into one.

Thus, it can be a pretty amazing tool for editing PDFs online. The only reason behind putting it at the second spot is its heavy subscription fee. You must be able to afford this tool to use these features. 

Additionally, there is no way to sign the documents with freestyle writing. 

Microsoft Word

You must have used Microsoft Word to create documents and other types of files. However, it can be used as a PDF editor too. It works by opening a PDF document in word format and editing it as a word file. 

That way, you can make any changes to the PDF file by converting it to the word file format. After making the changes, you can save the file as a PDF. It will do the job but you might face some aligning issues sometimes.

However, you can overcome this problem with practice.

iSkysoft PDF Editor

iSkysoft PDF Editor is another great tool to edit your PDFs on the go. This tool is available for Windows and Mac users and provides various options to make changes to a PDF document. Although it is a complete tool, you might face some issues in using it.

It is because of its complicated design and features. However, professional users can do much more with their PDFs with this tool. Thus, it is worth the try for some high-level editing. 


Here is the last application on our list. PDFescape is a web-based tool that works with almost all web browsers. Thus, you do not need to worry about installing this tool on your smartphone or personal computer. The tool is similar to CocoDoc and works by uploading the PDF document on the website.

After that, there are several tools to add, edit, or remove texts and graphics on the file. Additionally, users can rotate, resize, or change the font of the file with a single click. Thus, it is a promising tool to edit online files without paying for any services.

Final Verdict

You need a trusted solution to edit your PDFs on the go. Therefore, tools like CocoDoc and Adobe Acrobat Pro can be the best options for you. On the other hand, you can go with Microsoft Word as a simple way to edit these files.

PDFescape is also an amazing tool to edit PDF files online. However, it is not very popular and it is hard to check its credibility. Thus, CocoDoc seems like the most trusted option for our readers. Many other tools exist for editing and creating PDF files. If you have images that you want to save as PDF files, you should try Sodapdf converter.

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