The Best Concept Designed Mobile Phones

The Mobile phone industry has been through a revolution in the past few years. There is definitely still more to come. From Mobile Phones that simply offered calling and messaging functions, we have moved to smartphones that let you connect to the internet, GPS and allows video conferencing. In the future, there is sure to be a lot more added benefits to tech such as mobile phones.

Let’s see a list of some of the most popular concept designs:

1. Kambala Ear-Phone

The Kambala Ear-Phone is the futuristic mobile phone that transforms itself into an ear-phone.

2. Nanokia

Nanokia is a phone whose surface will adapt to different uses. The e-ink screen is capable of enveloping the phone in information and graphics.

3. Mobile Script

Mobile Script is a phone laptop, which has a front touch that is small, and a large screen on the inside. The inside screen can be pulled out to make a laptop.

4. Kyocera’s EOS

With an OLED screen that is flexible, the Kyocera’s EOS folding concept changes the form of the phone which resembles a wallet

5. Piccolo 1

The sleek and sexy cell phone, Piccolo Concept 1 from Motorola will have a female fan following

6. Multimedia Phone

A megapixel autofocus camera of 4.3 megapixel, digital zoom support on the rear of the phone. The QWERTY keyboard concealed under the display and sliding touch screen is the new concept of the Multimedia Concept Phone. It also shows the running track.

7. LG Traveler Phone

A physical button keypad, thin slider and a touch screen on the board offer better grip because of the rubber grips on the side.

8. Eclipse Intuit Phone

Made from thin solar skin which is chemical based that helps to charge the battery when exposed to any sort of light is the design of the Eclipse Intuit Phone.

9. LG Flutter Phone

Opening up like a fan and a flexible OLED touch screen display that is able to scroll radically is the concept of the LG Flutter Concept Phone.

10. NEC’s “Tag” Phone

NEC’s “Tag” Phone Concept bends and twists as per your command.

11. LG Helix Bracelet Phone

LG Helix Bracelet Phone can be worn as a bracelet on the wrist of the owner.

12. Motorola Sparrow

A combination of a scanner, communication, and POS system is what is offered by Motorola Sparrow

13. Yuxa

Yuxa is made from eco-friendly materials.

14. Bracelet Phone

Bracelet Phone Concept has a look of a bracelet.

15. Nokia 888 Mobile Phone

Nokia 888 Mobile Phone uses liquid battery and speech recognition. The body cover adjusts to the environment.

16. Blue Bee Phone

Blue Bee Phone has an interesting interface.

17. Relexer Cellphone

Relexer Cellphone functions as a medical device and reviews the user’s health.

18. HTC 1

HTC 1 has an inbuilt UV light that kills the germs on the surface of the phone.

19. Nokia Morph Phone

Nokia Morph Cell Phone Concept is a stretchable and flexible mobile phone.

20. Connext Concept

Connext Concept can transform to be a watch, computer, mobile phone etc.

21. BenQ Siemens

The BenQ Siemens Concept Phone is able to wrap around your hand.

22. LG’s Folding Phone

LG’s Folding Phone can be wrapped on one’s head.

23. Mooon Phone

Mooon Concept Phone has a bluetooth headset at its bottom that is detachable.

24. Nokia Kinetic

Nokia Kinetic Concept Design lets the phone to stand when on a call.

25. LG Exo Smartphone

LG Exo Smartphone can change the skin colour to the color that the owner desires

26. Philips Fluid Flexible Concept

Philips Fluid Flexible Concept is flexible and turns to a bracelet.

27. Seabird

Seabird Concept projects a virtual keyboard.

28. Nagisa Phone Concept

Nagisa Phone Concept has a dented keypad and the screen turns 180 degrees.

29. DYA

DYA Phone where the phone can get compact when lying idle because of the diagonal cut design.

Did you think that the inventions in the mobile phone industry have ended? Well, there is more to come. The futuristic phones look promising and we really wish that they were for real. Instead, you can check out the current mobile phones you can purchase with Afterpay it’s an easy way to buy the phone now and pay for it over a period of time.

It’s definitely an exciting time to be interested in technology with all the new developments, we expect to see huge changes in the mobile phone industry over the coming years.

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