How Sensors Can Save Lives In 2021 | Biomedical Micro Sensors

Medical, science, and technology have come a long way. There are more lives saved every day thanks to the fruitful collaboration of the different fields – medical and technology. Among the many discoveries and inventions, Biomedical micro Sensors have proven their place of utmost importance. Only a few years back it would have been unfathomable that a significantly microscopic sensor would change the way people live. 

Biomedical micro Sensors are saving lives left and right. Their application in the medical fields of diagnostics and therapeutic, wellness, fitness, and more help millions every day. People with hearing disabilities can listen better, from problems in the nervous system to issues of the sensory organs. Biomedical micro Sensors have found a way for any and everyone to get a second chance in life. 

How can something so significant and efficient be so tiny? Wondering that, isn’t it? Well, the magic lies in the micro-coils that form almost the entirety of the coil. Through these microscopic coils, specific tasks including temperature, oxygen level, image, ECG, and varied other levels examine. Unlike the common sensors that perform a different task than the other. According to the demand, these sensors can further apply in wearable devices like fitness watches and more. Biomedical micro Sensors are much more advanced and provide critical data with next to no errors. Hence, the application of these sensors become much more focused. 

Looking at the array of benefits, asking – but why isn’t everyone using Biomedical Micro Sensors, isn’t surprising. To that, we would say – manufacturers of these sensors face hurdles at every stage. These sensors are smaller than a thread. In many cases, they can be that thin line between the betterment and adversity of a person. So, when manufacturers go about making the sensors they have to consider varied factors include:

  • The use of the pressure bonding for a corrosion-free and reliable link without the need for sounding. As it is, with such a microscopic device in place, soldering becomes impossible. 
  • Automating the entire manufacturing process to reduce inefficiency and increase accuracy. 
  • Test the sensor on varied devices and environments a typical customer would use the product. 
  • Meeting several guidelines provided by the medical boards. 

These and more make this sensor a costly deal, not every hospital or medical professional would like to invest. The demand for mass production to lower the cost can only meet if orders for these sensors come in bulk. It’s time people, moreover, doctors and decision-makers start paying attention to the implication of Biomedical Micro Sensors

Additionally, let’s not forget the need to develop devices with specific spaces that can hold these sensors. If medical device manufacturing companies don’t come forward with design changes, adapting to microsensors can deem difficult. 

Companies are putting their heart and soul into a technology that can save lives, it is time to assist such companies. Biomedical micro Sensors apply widely but not at a massive rate. These enhanced sensors demand widespread application. They are the future. 

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