How Realtors Achieve Success By Using These Marketing Strategies

When you’re getting started out as a realtor, a large part of your job is establishing as many marketing strategies as you can for bringing in new clients. While you can observe others to see what they do, your best marketing strategies will be unique to you.

Your brand is your own. Your audience is your own. That’s how you separate yourself from other realtors, making it easier for your audience to choose you.

As you decide on tactics for reaching your future clients, always keep your branding in mind so you can personalize your approach. When you consider getting involved at local events, choose ones that speak to your brand.

When you build your online presence, make sure your copy and visuals speak to your business as a realtor. As you craft effective realtor direct mail campaigns, make them unique and personalized, so it’s easy for clients to choose you.

Make Yourself Visible Locally

It’s time to become an engaged member of your community. This isn’t direct marketing. You’re not going to be leading with your sales pitch. This is about building your reputation in your community as a leader. It’s about establishing your business as a staple part of the community.

Whatever you become involved with must be something you are genuinely interested in giving your time to, since it will take consistent effort over time. Consider volunteering, giving money to local charities, and sponsoring local events, like your neighborhood baseball team. Let people become familiar with your name.

Digital Marketing For Realtors

This is a large topic, of course, and every realtor must find their own strategies for building their online presence. As you work on this, remember that in all of your marketing efforts, great realtors are thinking long term. You are creating visibility and establishing funnels that will grow over time.

Set Up A Profile On Zillow And Other Real Estate Websites

Today, most home buyers start their searches online. Even when they hire a realtor, they continue looking at listings online themselves. Let them find you where they’re already looking!

Have a Website

Your website needs to be well designed, easy to navigate, and load well on mobile devices. It should come up when people search for your name. This is your online business card, so make it shine! Be sure it’s easy for people to contact you.

Social Media

Whatever platforms you use, make sure you post consistently and always reply to your messages. Sites like Facebook and Instagram can be great for realtors, since they’re highly visual.

Google Ads

Advertise your website with your services, or your listings, using Google Ads. If you learn your keywords and target your audience with geo-location, you can get your ads seen by the right people.

Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns

Today, a direct mail campaign for realtors is a stronger tool than ever before. Use the same branding techniques you’ve learned with your digital marketing. This means strong, concise copy and beautiful visuals that pop. This will require using a trusted direct mail service to keep the quality high. Many realtors today prefer Wise Pelican, as they’ve established themselves as leaders with high-quality materials and an easy-to-use setup.

Once you dive into using direct mail, it becomes pretty easy to create targeted campaigns. You can create custom mailing lists so you know exactly who you’re sending to. This is important for realtors so they can craft copy that speaks to their audience.

One trick for direct mail for realtors is to create an ongoing campaign. So, a realtor may use a custom mailing list to first send a postcard introducing themselves to a neighbor. Then a short while later, a mailer that addresses a specific concern. With a series of messages over time, realtors can create a more direct relationship and familiarity with their audience.

Another direct mail tip is to include links to your website or social media. This lets you connect with the same audience in two ways, further building that relationship.

Partner With Local Businesses

Your local businesses already have an established audience in the community. They have trust with their customers. If you can find local businesses to partner with for events, you can do a lot to gain visibility.

This can require a little creativity on your part. Who do you know? Perhaps, while volunteering, you have built a relationship with a few local business owners.

Together, you can throw an event (online or in-person) for your audiences. Even if your audience is currently smaller, if you’re offering to take care of handling the event, people with larger audiences will be willing to take part when all they have to do is show up.

This can also be as small as asking the person who runs your local coffee shop to hand out your business card when they hear people talking about needing a home. Asking for referrals can take some bravery, but do great things for your business over time.

Word Of Mouth Marketing

Every time you have a new client, there is the possibility of them passing your name on to get your next one. The same is true of interactions you have at coffee shops or attending events. Word of mouth marketing still works because people trust recommendations from others they know.

You can utilize this by thinking ahead. Make great first impressions with people. Do an excellent job for your clients, and take an extra step to connect with them even after your business has concluded.

Giving small gifts or birthday cards to clients or to people you’re networking with can help you stand out as someone who goes the extra mile and provides great service.

Ask For Referrals

Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals, especially as you’re starting out. This scares many people, but don’t let it! The more you practice this the better you’ll get. Practice handing off your business card when it feels appropriate, and saying something like, “If you know anyone who needs to sell their house, please pass my information along.” You may tailor this message to be true to your voice. The more you do this, the easier it will get.

Build A Strong Marketing Foundation

Building up any new marketing strategy can feel daunting at first, but once you roll up your sleeves and dive in, it becomes more natural. Take one strategy at a time and work on it slowly. It will take a while to build a strong marketing foundation for your career, but everything you do now will become a base that will help you establish a reputation and create a career that lasts.

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