How Is The Military Assisting The Logistics Industry During The COVID-19 Crisis?

FILE- The USNS Comfort in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Nov. 10, 2017. Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York said Wednesday morning that President Trump had agreed to dispatch a 1,000-bed hospital ship to New York Harbor as the state struggles to deal with a stark jump in coronavirus cases.(Dennis M. Rivera Pichardo/The New York Times)

Although the term ‘logistics’ was commonly used right after World War II; the concept was actually introduced at the dawn of civilization, where Man would transport goods from one area to another, servicing the needs of the ‘local community’. Within the past few years however, the services and techniques have come leaps and bounds since the early days, and are now a key part of global military services. These militaristic logistics services are more important than ever, as humanity is facing global challenges due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Military around the globe are working with domestic and international logistics providers to help those in need. This collaboration is serving millions of people in the country while ensuring adequate emergency supplies to the medical staff.

In the United States, the coronavirus pandemic has hit hard. Prompting skilled military personnel and logisticians to launch a nationwide campaign to serve the frontline healthcare workers and the population at large. However, due to a shortage of test kits, personal protective gear, high-grade masks, hospital equipment, palliative drugs, and ventilators; the situations are dire pushing Governments to encourage local businesses to assist in any way possible. Yes, your favorite gin distillery is now more than likely making hand sanitizer to help the military and supply chain operators get essentials to the people who need it most!

Military and logistics collaborate to initiate a fight against coronavirus:

Bloomberg states, “The US Military can also provide logistics supplies on hand, such as the personal protective equipment desperately needed to protect first responders and medical personnel, as well as other medical supplies such as disinfectants and medications. The military can be called on to construct field hospitals and provide everything necessary to operate them, such as power and clean drinking water, or to convert existing buildings to hospitals as they did in New York with the Javits Center. Finally, military members are assisting with virus testing, and can provide security where necessary and within existing laws.”

It’s clear, the US military is supporting authorities and supply chain companies in order to better fight COVID-19. Reports reveal that the U.S. military has a variety of logistics and transportation systems that can be used to serve the country during this pandemic. Many of these systems have been already been trialled during previous pandemics, such as the Ebola crisis which hit Africa. Defense professionals across the states are ready to serve COVID-19 key areas and hot spots overseeing the sea, land, and air to the best of their ability.

In order to serve time-sensitive movements, the military has operational airlift and aircraft that can carry key medical equipment along with personnel to different parts of the country. An amazing visible example of the services at present is the deployment of two Navy ships, Mercy, and Comfort. These ships have been deployed in Los Angeles and New York City to serve the US hospital needs. During extreme emergencies, the military is also ready to transport very ill as well as contagious patients with the help of their air-transportable isolation units.

Emergency items:

The military is actively serving the logistics industries with easy transportation of PPE kits that are essential for medical personnel and first responders during coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, they are supplying medications and disinfectants to needy patients. Military services can also be used to construct field hospitals. This crucial support is likely to continue its COVID-19 operations until the hospitalizations and infection rates drop dramatically. As the world is facing a war with this invisible enemy, we are extraordinarily lucky to have the support of the military.

The United States Study Centre states, “The Department of Defense has already committed to making a significant contribution of protective equipment to individual states, including nearly five million N95 masks and 2,000 ventilators. Additionally, the military has delivered more than 500,000 COVID-19 tests from military stocks, with more likely on the way.”

Technology playing an important role to deal with the pandemic:

In order to make the process easier to efficient for teams, the military and logistics companies are now using the latest management software tools. Software developers around the world have designed feature-rich and easy to use platforms to make warehouse management convenient for businesses during this crisis. The modernized logistics capabilities make it easier to maintain and track all emergency and essential services. From orders, deliveries to warehousing, everything can be managed well with the use of efficient tracking mechanisms and data tracking capabilities.

Logistics companies are using logistics management software to make the processes easier for military and logistics professionals alike. These tools make it easier to set up services of between all agencies. As they keep a regular track of all ingoings and outgoings while expanding their service range with ease. The partnership of logistics and military services are now making it possible to deliver food, medicines, and other essential items in isolated areas all over the United States.

ASAP states, “Our Military Inventory System can accurately track stock items, including parts for assemblies or medical supplies, all using mobile barcode scanners. Our powerful Military Management System allows users to securely compile real-time inventory data in order to generate insightful reports and increase overall inventory performance. Our best in class Inventory System for the Military, adds value to all military branches and military contractors to fit current and future needs. In addition to providing an efficient system for inventory tasks and lifecycle management, this System offers the ability to track inventory items specific to the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force.”

Military logistics are serving the community with effectiveness, responsiveness, survivability, and agility. They are making the best out of a tragic global pandemic and are continuing to assign special task forces to serve vulnerable people and communities. With the elderly and those with disabilities taking the top priority. All movements are being tracked using logistics management software, and teams are trying to ensure the reliable and timely distribution of essential items. The medical supplies are being provided on a priority basis to the frontline workers so that they can win the war against coronavirus pandemic.

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