How Good Is the Original iMagnet?


Do you get tired of fumbling around for your iPhone or other preferred smartphone when you’re driving? When the phone rings, it just isn’t safe to be fumbling around with a phone in your lap because your attention isn’t on the road. With the Original iMagnet, your mobile device becomes part of your heads-up display and that makes those emergency calls or your GPS navigation a lot easier to use.


What is nice about the iMagnet is that it mounts really well to your dashboard. It’s not like those lousy SiriusXM mounts that drop your radio faster than Taco Bell serves up gas. It stays nice and solid thanks to the rubber gripping on the mount. This lets it resist road vibrations, the occasional pothole, or that quick steering you might need to do to avoid that car who just slammed on their brakes for no good reason.

Although the product is a high grade plastic, it still is plenty strong. You’ll notice some fading on the device if you live in a high sun area, but considering the price is less than $25, it’s a rather small issue. It holds your phone when you need to tap it and keeps it close to you so you and Siri can have a serious heart-to-heart about Chinese food.

With a 90 degree adjustable swivel and full 360 degree rotation, the iMagnet is your answer to the fumbling phone problem. It makes butt dialing a thing of the past while driving and puts all of your apps within reach when you need them.

Or you could be like me – mine sits on the kitchen counter so I can be hands-free while I’m cooking. The iMagnet gives you easy access to your smartphone in a simple, affordable way and that’s why you should have one.

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Graeme Sandlin
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