How Facebook Can Help You Grow Your Coaching Business

Since 2004, Facebook has been a great medium for new customers, digital marketers, and individual Facebook users. The social media platform is now home to a Facebook audience of nearly 3 billion people. And every minute on the app results in over 50,000 posts and about 50 million Facebook video views. All these statistics can have different implications for businesses. The bottom line is that they go beyond digital numbers and can have a real impact on a big brand as much as a small one. Here are some specific ways to grow your coaching business through Facebook.

Sell Yourself

Facebook now comes with several resources to get ahead with your professional coaching career or business. Key features like a creator studio allow businesses to see better results with their content creation and publishing efforts. However, one important thing in growing a business (whether online or in the real world) is trust. The only way for Facebook users to know you’re a good coach is to show them you are one.

Find ways to tell a compelling story about your journey as a professional coach. If you already have years of experience in counseling, you can consider sharing testimonials from your clients. Career coaches can also go big on their clients’ milestones. Talk about how your clients are reaching their professional goals with your intervention. All these efforts improve trust online.

Another crucial way to improve trust is to feature any certificate or professional coaching license you have. It can be from the International Coach Federation or an official leadership skills training program. Beyond trust, it’s only right for an executive coach offering psychotherapy sessions to be open about accreditation.

Be Visual

Brand awareness across social media platforms has become more complex than it used to be. Among the millions of posts created each day, Facebook’s job is to place the right content in the right news feed. And being visual with your storytelling and content creation efforts, especially with video advertising, helps Facebook do a great job. Effective video ad campaigns should grab an audience’s attention right from the start. Remember, your target audience always has options, and they only need a couple of seconds to move to the next if you fail to convince them in the early seconds of your video.

Video marketing efforts demand a lot of work, from video production to publishing. For the most part, orienting yourself with Facebook video ads examples before creating your coaching business’s first video ad can significantly improve your video marketing efforts. The best Facebook video ad examples can do a lot for video advertising needs, whether it’s a short video or a vertical video optimized for mobile device viewing.

Be Informative

Brands spent over 2 billion U.S. dollars on Facebook advertising campaigns last year. But whether every penny of this massive budget ended up in successful video ads with optimum return on investment (ROI) is a question experts always ask. Today, many advertising trends come and go. Should you do shorter videos? Between vertical videos and square videos, which ones make the best ads?

Long story short, getting people’s attention in today’s fast-paced world is no easy task. Gradually, social media platforms are letting marketers understand that no brand has the right to users’ time, no matter the size of your following. It’s a privilege you enjoy, and your ads may not work until they are done right with user empathy as the ultimate priority.

As a rule of thumb, brands can generate more traffic from sharing valuable information than an approach that overly promotes product features and service points. Whether you have a great video ad or image ad, simplicity always counts. No matter the type of ad you opt for in your coaching business, it pays to have a clear message.

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