How Do Liquid Vitamins Work?

Liquid vitamins work in a similar way to vitamins in pill form. You can get a variety of liquid vitamins such as multivitamins, vitamin D or vitamin C.

When it comes to liquid vitamins, the vitamin components are usually suspended in oil or another liquid instead of being in pill form.

There are potential benefits to liquid vitamins such as faster absorption, higher bioavailability and they are easier to swallow.

How do liquid vitamins work?

Liquid vitamins work just like any other vitamin in pill form. They are taken orally and are absorbed by the gut.

The nutrients are then used by your body to support various bodily process.

Benefits of liquid vitamins

Liquid vitamins may have some additional benefits.

Easy to swallow

Many of us have trouble swallowing pills, and it can impact our desire to take vitamins.

Vitamins are often a key piece of overall health, so having an option that is easier to swallow than a pill is beneficial for many people.

This might be particularly beneficial for children or for people who may have trouble swallowing due to things like stroke or disability.

Faster absorption

Liquid vitamins may be absorbed faster in the gut than vitamins in pill form.

A liquid in the stomach will absorb must faster than a solid pill.

When it comes to liquid vitamins, the vitamins will start getting absorbed by the body even before the vitamins hit the stomach.

When it comes to pills, absorption can’t start until the pill enters the stomach because the stomach acid must break down the pill.

A faster absorption rate does not always mean a better absorption rate; however, it may be of use to some individuals. If you are concerned about absorption rate you can discuss it with your healthcare provider.

Higher bioavailability

You may be able to absorb more nutrients from a liquid vitamin than from a pill. This is due to the fact that the liquid doesn’t have to be broken down by the body like a pill.


Depending on the brand, you may be able to find liquid vitamins that are flavored.

This can be really helpful and can make taking vitamins a lot more enjoyable! For adults and children alike, a flavored liquid vitamin is likely a lot more palatable than a chalky pill.

When is a liquid better?

Liquid vitamins may be better for:

  • Individuals who have trouble swallowing due to a variety of reasons
  • Children who may find swallowing pills difficult
  • Absorption is better with exposure to stomach acids for some nutrients like iron and calcium

Liquid vitamins can make a great choice for a variety of people. They can have some added benefits when compared to vitamin pills.


If you are not sure whether to choose a liquid or pill vitamin, you can always consult with your doctor. Some people may want the quick absorption benefits of liquid vitamins while others may need a slower release of nutrients throughout the day.

The right choice usually comes down to the individual and the specific vitamin that you are using.

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