How Custom Voice Searches Can Improve Business Profits in 2019?

By the beginning of 2020, more than 30% of website sessions will be done screen less. You may wonder as to how this can be possible. All thanks to voice searches which gives advantage to users to browse through the web and collect consumer information without scrolling the sites on laptops, desktops or even on mobile devices.

Voice search is a technique which saves users from typing keywords as a search query to get search results. Here the user needs to just speak into the device and Audio technology will make speech recognition to analyze what the user is looking for. It will then deliver results to user orally. If you are considering it new in the industry then the fact is that it’s not so new and there in use for a while. Programs like speech-to-text as well as voice dialing are fantastic examples of this technology of voice search.

Google Voice Search
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Some of the popular programs in the market include Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana as well as Amazon Alexa which take advantage of voice search. Now the major debate which is going on in the market is that how come Voice Searches can improve the volume of Business Profits in 2019. Amazon Alexa is winning the hearts of people with its exceptional performance.

How Have Voice Search Functions Helped?

Voice search managed to bring drastic improvement in the user experience. It is one of the major reasons for which by the beginning of the year 2020, a major percentage of online searches will be executed via voice search. The voice search engine is offering a bundle of options for the mobile applications to bring improvement in user experience and in a hassle-free manner to connect users with any mobile app.

Voice searches Increases website traffic. The simplicity of voice search mechanism made it easy for users to get search results. The search terms which are mostly used by users are applied as SEO keywords which increase the traffic to the sites with excellent improvement in profit amount.

Voice search helps in creating brand awareness as well as the visibility of the business online. More the visibility more will be the scope to attract potential customers to the business website. Because of increasing awareness about the brand it will direct a good population of users to the online stores. Few among the notable businesses which made it big in the industry with the use of the Voice search mechanism include Johnnie Walker, Nestlé, Domino and Patrón Tequila.

Case Study

To explain it better let’s take the example of Nestlé. It was in the year 2017 when Nestle launched GoodNes Alexa skill. It offers visual voice browsing features to the users. This feature was introduced targeting the population which is fond of cooking. With the support of the Alexa device, customers can now improve their culinary talent by following voice instructions as well as visual guidance. GoodNes is like a cookbook which allows users to inquire about things like ingredients, time to bake and similar other things. Such Voice Marketing techniques improved the percentage of profit earned by Nestle massively.

Alexa Skill Development will help you to reach several customers through some millions of devices which are Alexa enabled. It’s really easy for the businesses to make money with the support of Alexa skills with the use of in-skill purchasing or even Amazon pay for the Alexa skills. Amazon developers are working really hard to develop the Alexa skill apps as per the industry demands.

There are few things that you need to take into consideration for getting the best advantage of Voice search:

1. Make sure you have a fast Loading website

2. Write the content in the way you speak

3. Consider feature blocks for content

4. Concentrate more on local searches

Follow the above tips for custom voice searches for improving the business profits.

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