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Hiring people from other countries gives you more choices for finding the right employee. People have a responsibility to look after their health when they work abroad. It includes their physical health, as well as their mental and financial security. Health insurance for foreign workers helps with this. It provides financial protection and covers medical expenses if they get sick or injured. This is something that needs to be considered before moving to another country.


Every foreigner planning to stay in the Czech Republic must have health insurance. It is required to ensure they can access healthcare services during their stay.

It helps cover medical expenses and ensures that individuals can receive necessary medical care if they fall ill or get injured in the country. This requirement helps protect foreigners and the Czech Republic’s healthcare system.

Why Do Foreign Workers Need Health Insurance?

Foreign workers often need health insurance for crucial reasons. Firstly, it allows them to use healthcare services in the country they are working in, including regular check-ups and emergency care. Insurance protects them from unexpected medical costs if they have accidents or get sick. You can select between national and international insurance as a foreign worker in your new country.

You can choose international health insurance, which covers individuals living and working abroad if you receive a job offer from a foreign nation. However, national health insurance in your host country could also be a good option, depending on what you want and require.

Insurance For Foreigners In The Czech Republic

Health insurance for foreigners in the Czech Republic depends on where they come from and how long they plan to stay. EU and Swiss citizens can use healthcare in the Czech Republic for up to 90 days with the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Public health facilities can treat them, but only for emergency care. The costs aren’t automatically covered; they must pay and claim payment once they return to their home country.

How Foreigners in the Czech Republic Can Compare Insurance Opportunities

Foreigners in the Czech Republic can compare health insurance opportunities offered by insurance providers and their coverage options. They can use a Czech health insurance calculator to compare costs and coverage levels based on their needs and preferences. This tool helps them find the best insurance plan for their stay in the Czech Republic.

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