Guidelines To Pick A Custom Box For Your Products

Products make the world go round, but only if they come in the right packaging. A custom box can give the brand a boost and attract customers. The market presents countless packaging solutions, and according to the type of product, they range from simple to complex. For a product supplier, it’s challenging to pick the right custom box, let alone the material, type, shape, size, and design. 

In a consumers’ market, first impressions are always vital. Sleek packaging design can become an effective branding tool. The following ideas can help any product manufacturer create a unique custom packaging box

The box must protect the product during travel

Custom packaging boxes need to be able to travel from the producer to the buyer with ease and minimal damage. But its design should also impress through its design, and tell the client it was created especially for them. 

Custom boxes must be practical, and their material should be created for strength if it protects a bulky or fragile item. When the custom packaging is going to be exhibited on a retail shelf, more effort should be put into designing an attractive cover. For heavy-duty products, packaging made from sturdy materials is worth considering. Wood provides excellent support. 

Size matters in the packaging world

Most companies need packaging in different sizes. When they create custom boxes, they must be economical with the dimensions of the packaging to save money. When picking the size of the package, people should approach the process similar to buying bananas. When they head to the supermarket, they expect to find the bananas in bunches, not packed individually in plastic wrap. 

Brands must design product packaging with their consumers in mind. The boxes should appeal visually, but more importantly, they should be practical. The size of the product dictates the size of the box. 

Think about product ergonomics

When talking about product packaging, ergonomics is a fancy term we use to overview the way clients interact with the box. It’s an essential step in creating adequate packaging. Depending on the look and size of the product, the package should suit it perfectly. It should also meet the consumer’s needs, and while aesthetics impress, practicality is what convinces people to buy it. In 2020, product ergonomics is important, and companies like Amazon have promised their clients to invest time and money into creating frustration-free packaging. 

People don’t come back when they find it difficult to open the product. Custom boxes are economical and ideal for companies that want to revolutionise their customers’ experience. 

How heavy is the product?

Weight is essential when it comes to shipping products. Even if the marketing role of the package is to gain exposure for the product, it should also keep it safe during travel. When the product is fragile, a wood custom box can protect it. Products made from ceramics and glass are very delicate, and alongside the sturdy package, they also require fillers to boost their security. 

Picking a custom box for a product can be a tough decision, but the market provides countless solutions for all entrepreneurs. 

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