8 Interesting Things To Do While At School

If you are starting your college years in a singapore business school or have some free time to spare after your classes, consider trying an enjoyable school activity. It will grow your soft skills and creative side, and keep you busy enough to avoid trouble when you are clueless on how to start looking; give these ideas some thought.

1. Make a Short Film

Or, you can make it more involving by organizing a while student film festival. With a film, you can play multiple roles and enjoy yourself in each one of them. That could be your chance to try acting for the first time and see whether your childhood dream was valid. Or, you can practice your playwriting skills and make some scripts for a film to be showcased at the film festival. With lines to memorize and scenes to shoot, you will be pushed to do new things and make friends with unique personalities. On the day of the festival, gather your closest friends and watch the screening together.

2. Join an Association or Club of your Choice

When choosing what group to sign up for, think about your career of choice. Do you want some practice before you graduate and enter the field? Then look for something similar, to what you are pursuing, like drama club for theatre students. If not, pick something completely different from what you are doing in class and enjoy the different atmosphere and break from your studies.

3. Take Part in a TedX Talk

You can try this out as a speaker, or even as part of the organizing team. TEDx talks give a lot of value to their target communities, bringing together speakers of different exciting topics to share ideas with the audience. The experience will open you up to new ways of thinking or even help you overcome your fear of being on-stage. Knowing that you could impact others’ lives with your ideas and beliefs can be very fulfilling.

4. Stand Up for a Just Cause

Your years in school and especially in college are the perfect time to put more effort into achieving your goal. If you are invested in the environment or climate action, you can use your extra time after class to learn more about climate change and educate your fellow students. You can organize small events around the issue, like cleaning up the area or even planting trees. However, little your movement is, it is slowly making some positive changes.

5. Start a Business

In an era where social media is snowballing and transforming how we do business, your time at school is an excellent opportunity to try out entrepreneurship and see if you like it. You can sell some of your favorite products online via apps like Instagram or even build an app from that idea you have always wanted to try out.

6. Relaunch the School Magazine

Most colleges have school publications, but some of them have died out over the years due to different reasons. Whether it is a lack of funds or student readership, find out what the problem is and restart magazine publishing. Be sure to make it as fun to read as you can.

7. Do Not Forget your Coursework

While participating in different interesting things in school, you might get carried away and spend too much time away from the library. Your goal should be to strike the perfect balance between schoolwork and your other activities. That way, you can keep up with all your classes and still have fun outside class. Make sure you are following a schedule that incorporates both activities and makes it your school routine.

8. What to do when you are Overwhelmed

As a new student in college, you will have some trouble adjusting your routine to fit everything due to a busy class schedule. Sometimes, you will even find it difficult to get time for extracurricular activities.

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