Ghosts, UFOs And More: Sci-Fi Film-Inspired Road Trips

With the Star Wars film empire winning no less than three positions in the top ten of the most expensive sci-fi films ever made, our thirst for visiting epic locations is truly the mission of a die-hard nerdy fan. And what better way to get your movie geek on than to take a road trip into another world? Driving to some of the most infamous sci-fi film locations will reveal anything from the strangest roadside attractions to specialty museums and other recommended places on a nerdy road trip.

So, if your previous idea of taking a vacation involved lying on the couch binge-watching Game of Thrones, then think again: set your coordinates and get the playlist ready for a trip of a lifetime.

Close Encounters in Alabama

Although parts of Close Encounters were filmed in California’s Mojave Desert and Washington DC, most of the filming took place in Alabama. Here, the biggest ever indoor set was built to film the spaceship landing and was constructed in a former air force base in the city of Mobile. In addition to the awe of the dirigible hangers, you can also visit the houses of Roy Neary and Jillian’s mother. Just make sure you choose a vehicle, like an RV that has enough space to store all the memorabilia you pick up along some of the coolest travel destinations

Ghostbusting in New York

New York is a Ghostbusters’ playground where numerous sites will provide you with the experience of being a real Ghostbuster. Using a combination of real-time interactive effects, virtual reality, and a real set, you can get suited up with a gun and proton pack so you can blast out in a ghost-infested apartment at Madame Tussauds. Other highlights to visit include the Fire Station or Dana and Louis’ Spook Central apartment. 

Trekking around California

When you want concerts, special screenings, thrilling rides, and live performances, Universal Studios have produced the best of Star Trek entertainment to thrill even the most die-hard nerd.

Scattered throughout theme parks in Los Angeles, California, and Orlando, Trekkies can drool over rarely-seen props and interactive activities. Don’t forget to visit one of the most iconic Star Trek filming locations, Vasquez Rocks, in Santa Clarita which is most renowned for the backdrop to Captain Kirk’s epic fight with Gorn, the armor-clad alien.

Combine festivals and conventions into the itinerary and you’ve landed yourself an unforgettable adventure so that all that remains is to get driving on the open road where anything is possible.

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