Ghostbusting- How To Detect Spirit In Your Home

Defocused view of a house at dusk

Do you feel that some other entity exists in your home and disturbs your home’s peace? Are you one of those who get paranoid because you think that someone else accompanies you at home? Do you often hear footsteps while you are by yourself and wonder, who is this invisible creature? Thanks to paranormal movies that hit our screen now and then, a vast majority has complained about some inexplicable activities happening in their abodes. People say that the scenes they watch in movies happen with them, leading them to believe that some spirits are lingering in their personal space. Still, they seem to have no source to confirm their existence.  

Humans have an inherent sense of curiosity, and many stay restless until they find answers to their questions. Some people are afraid of ghosts and spirits, but several find paranormal activities thrilling. They feel an adrenaline rush when they discuss or watch ghost-hunting stories and have an underlying desire to participate in one. The latest technology has brought wondrous inventions to the forefront, and ghost hunting gadgets are a reality now. Ghosts communicate through these tools and let people know about their presence through these technical devices. 

If you feel that spirits wander around your home, you can detect their presence using different techniques. Below we are giving an inclusive guide about the ways you can determine the presence of ghosts in your home:

Ghost Hunting Equipment

The paranormal investigation is not a new sensation, but it has gained immense momentum in the past few years. Adventurous people want to investigate the places where people complain that spirits exist, and they take advantage of advanced technical ghost hunting devices to catch them. Suppose you feel uneasy in your home because of some unexplainable happenings. You may need some ghost hunting equipment to help determine if it is paranormal. SpiritShack may be able to help advise you on which steps to take.

The Internet has several options, and you can choose one as per your budget and needs. Most paranormal activities occur in the dark, and ordering laser light would be a good option. As the name implies, a motion detector catches movement, and you can use it to communicate with the spirits. Other ghost hunting equipment includes a thermal camera, EMF meter, and ghost box. All these pieces of equipment will help you determine the presence of spirits in your vicinity. 

Unexplained Change Of Temperatures

Experts say that ghosts generally subsist in extreme temperatures. While your house’s weather may not go to the highest or lowest, you can quickly tell about the presence of spirits by a sudden yet unfathomable change in temperatures. When you step in from sunny outdoors and feel that the house is cold, you can understand that a supernatural entity is sharing space with you. Similarly, when your home feels warm in chilly weather, it is an indication that spirits roam around your residence. Spirits can change the temperature as per their needs. That unexplainable change can make you uneasy yet confirm the presence of ghosts. 

Unfamiliar Scents

Another common way of identifying a ghost is using a sense of smell. Although researchers have conducted many research types on ghosts’ habits and present their findings, none has presented 100 % accurate results. People are still unsure about ghosts’ lifestyles and their attitudes. Still, one thing is sure that they are vastly different from human beings. If you sense unusual smells and cannot identify the source, then it means that there is someone in your house. Some people smell cookies, cakes’ baking smell, or some other food items, while there is no kitchen activity. Unfamiliar and unusual scents tell you that some spirits have been invading your privacy and are staying in your homes.

Strange Sounds

Most people complain of hearing different sounds that seem to originate from nearby, but they cannot catch the source. Sometimes people hear thumping on stairs, someone moving furniture items in other rooms, or people running on roofs. Hearing strange sounds and being unable to figure out the reason behind them also indicate ghosts’ existence in your homes. People associate unidentifiable voices with haunted houses, but it can be a spirit that wants to draw your attention towards itself. 

A Sensation Of Being Touched

Ghosts try to get your attention, and when you do not give in to their attempts, they try various tricks. They give you a sensation that they are touching you. Sometimes you may feel a pull in your hair, or they make you perceive that someone is nudging your arm. Sometimes, there can be some brutal acts from them, as some evil ghosts can push you from stairs, and you may end up with scratches and bruises. Psychological experts have commented that gut feeling is the most honest friend as it warns you about the impending danger. If your gut feels someone’s invisible existence nearby, then ignoring it would be the grave mistake you can commit. Feeling that someone is touching or has touched you is a sign that ghosts live nearby. 

Misplacement of Items

Another common way of determining ghosts’ existence is a misplacement of things. Misplacing things is normal among human beings. People often forget after placing items, which is why many ignore initial signs from ghosts. When misplacement of things starts happening very often, you need to give attention to details and understand that spirit’s occupancy. A wise approach is to observe the pattern and then order some ghost hunting pieces of equipment and utilize it to communicate with ghosts.

Flickering Lights

As filmy as it sounds, flickering light is another evidence that the spirits have stormed into our house and have been roaming around freely. Apart from flickering lights, other technical devices also start showing some glitches. Ghosts may not slide into your DMs, but you start getting blank calls, switching on and off of television and other devices, or sudden running of kitchen appliances. Spirits often reveal their presence through the unusual use of electricity. 


Ghostbusting seems adventurous, but it is far from a piece of cake. People need to have the nerve of steels and a healthy heart and mind presence to detect spirits. Mysterious sights, inexplicable movements, and feeling someone’s company are a few ways to help you see spirits’ existence.  Ghosts may have their reasons for invading your privacy. Still, naturally, you would not want to share your space rent-free with some otherworldly creatures. Technology advancements have made it possible to communicate with spirits, and you can do so by getting ghost hunting equipment. 

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