Games Within Games. Why Did Video Games Start Adding Mini-Games?

Video games have become increasingly popular and with the advancements in technology, they have become a lot larger in the last decade or two. Today we find there are many games, all competing for profit by making customers happy with quality content.

One way that games are creating more content in a single title is by introducing mini-games. Mini-games are small games or challenges inside the main title. It is expected that mini-games will enter the online casino space in the future. Places like jack city casino may offer them in the future.

Why Did Video Games start to add Mini-Games?

Simply put, video games added mini-games for more success. Mini-games make games more fun and more exciting for a longer period of time. The most difficult aspect of a video game is making gamers enjoy it for longer.

Large gaming publishers and studios caught wind of the fact that it is increasingly difficult to get gamers to enjoy a new gaming title. With that in mind, they sought out how to add more and more content to new releases. One of the most innovative ways they found to make gamers more satisfied was by creating side-quests, side-missions, and mini-games.

Although developers have argued on what differentiates the side-quests from mini-games, it can be stated that they are definitely popular in the gaming world today. The invention of side-quests and mini-games came around the turn of the century when Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation were in a battle of the consoles to become the most popular.

Today, mini-games can be defined as a game within a game that has its own final mission and covers the entire screen away from the main storyline or game.

Most Popular Mini-Games

Witcher’s Gwent is one of the most popular and addictive mini-games that are out. Alongside the very popular RPG series that can be played on console and PC, Gwent is a great card game within Witcher 3.

Gwent is easy enough to become addictive, but hard enough to leave one with a little depth to learn and play more. It became so popular that it landed up being its own stand-alone game.

Red Dead Redemptions’ Poker is another extremely popular mini-game. When you are not running around taking over land and getting into a difficult mission, you can simply play some Texas Hold Em’ poker in the saloon. Many players claim they learned how to play poker simply by playing Red Dead Redemption. You used to be able to cheat by balancing an arrow, which would allow you to add an extra card without other players noticing. However, the mini-game became so popular that the developers decided to remove the feature.

Grand Theft Auto 3’s taxi driver is another popular mini-game enjoyed by gamers almost as much as main quests in the title. You simply earn a little extra money by driving customers around the city. It’s a very relaxing mini-game that is also very easy. After you drive a few customers around, you will suddenly realize you have pocketed a decent amount of cash, which you can then use to progress in main story jobs.

As far as role-playing games are concerned, this might have been the first mini-game ever. It might have even been the Grand Theft Auto mini-game that made mini-games popular among other story-based and open-world games such as Witcher and Red Dead Redemption.

Today we see smaller quest games such as Zelda, Pokemon, and many more also have mini-games in them. 

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