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Kids are being introduced to technology at an earlier age than ever before. In the classrooms, they use tablets and computers to learn. Also, they are given time where they have free time to play educational games. So, how can you maximize your child’s learning potential at home? Allow them to visit educational websites in place of video games or television time. Here is a look at the top websites that will help your kids learn.

PBS Kids

PBS has been around forever featuring shows that educate our children. Now, they can go onto one of the best educational websites and play interactive games with the cartoon characters they love to watch. Many of the games on this website are perfect for teaching all types of concepts like math, reading, and science.

PBS Kids


This website is geared to kids from Kindergarten to 5th grade. The games are broken down into sections according to what is best for the grade your child is in. Not only is it broken down into different ages, the subject categories are also broken up. You can easily find the subject you want to hone in on with your student.


There is a mix of reading materials, games and math activities on Funbrain. It has a simple layout that your child can navigate independently. These activities are sure to spark interest in your child.



Starfall is a colorful website that is geared toward younger learners. It has a major focus on reading activities. You can also see that there are resources for math concepts. Songs and music is featured on the site as well.


If you are looking for videos and games that will appeal to children that are very young, then this is the right site for you. The simple functions of these games can be enjoyed by kids that are 8 months old on up. The features would probably lose the interest of a school aged child.

With these sites in mind, you can feel better about letting your children spend time in front of the computer or on tablets. It is a good idea to expose them to this type of learning, even at an early age. It will help to prepare them for school.

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