Free Metaverse Games That You Must Know!

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One of the primary reasons people take an interest in the metaverse is that it is supposed to make your games more interactive. So, naturally, all gaming enthusiasts need to experience the new and improved version of the internet, at its highest glory, with free Metaverse games that offer immersion like no other. 

What are Metaverse Games?

Metaverse is part of Web 3.0 that offers an immersive experience to users. It is the next step into the future. And while it has a role to play in the business and social aspects, it has already found several uses in the entertainment system. You can find step-by-step guide on investing in metaverse solutions for high returns online. And one primary industry benefiting from the new technology is the Gaming sector. Using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in gaming will take the experience to new heights. 

This post covers the top 10 free metaverse games you must try. 

What Do you Need to Play Metaverse Games?

Every gamer understands the importance of having the correct configuration and equipment to experience the gaming world in the best possible way. So, before going into the details of Metaverse games that you must try, let’s first take a look at the basic requirements to access the platform.

Internet Connection: A fast-speed internet connection is essential to run a metaverse game.

VR Headset: VR gadgets can burn a significant hole in your pocket, but there are also affordable options. You can use the Google Cardboard, VR headsets connected to a computer, or console and wireless units. 

A Computer or Mobile Device: Apart from a standalone headset, all other VR options require a computer or mobile device.

Blockchain Wallet: If you want to play metaverse games that use cryptocurrencies, you will also need a digital wallet.

Elements of Metaverse Gaming

Metaverse games are highly unique for a variety of reasons and have some amazing components. However, for now, we are only focusing on the core elements of Metaverse.

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The Fundamental Components of the Metaverse Include:

  • 3D Virtual World with Accessibility for all
  • Virtual Characters to Participate and Communication in the Game
  • In-game Items Available for Possession, whether They are Important or Not for the Game’s Goal
  • Set Rules and Principles of Games along with Pre-determined Goals
  • VR-Enabled Equipment to Allow Gamers to Part in the Immersive Experience.

These are not all the elements of metaverse gaming, as that can change for every game. And as technology progresses, there is a good chance that we will see several more technologies in play in the future.

Top 10 Free Metaverse Games to Play

Depending on your preferred gaming genre, the Metaverse games you choose can vary. So, in the post, I have added a variety of games, so there is something for everyone.

1.       Axie Infinity

Sky Mavies, a Vietnamese start-up, launched Axie Infinity back in 2018. Taking inspiration from Pokémon, the game also has fantasy creatures like Axies. The players can breed, raise, collect, and trade them. You can customize over 500 body parts of the Axies. Moreover, the offspring of Axies get new characteristics and powers, per the gene combination. 

Make Axies fight to earn rewards, or let them hunt for treasures. Moreover, you can buy homes or land for Axies in the Metaverse.

All the virtual pets and other items in the game are also valuable non-fungible tokens under blockchain technology. People can also lend three Axies to earn tokens. 

The main currency in the Metaverse game is Axie Infinity Shards or AXS.  

2.       Decentraland

In 2020, Argentinian duo Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano brought Decentraland to the public. In the game, you can use the MANA cryptocurrency to create avatars, purchase wearables, and own real estate in the virtual world with over 90.000 land parcels.

If you invest in land here, you can rent out the plots – measuring 16 virtual square meters each, and the thing you have created on it. The players can build houses, parks, casinos, and more on their land. 

Moreover, you can earn money by organizing concerts and selling tickets, creating exhibitions to auction digital art, and more. 

Players generally use the MetaMask digital wallet on the platform.

3.       Sandbox

First launched in 2012, Sandbox is a user-generated mobile game by Pixelowl, co-founder Arthur Madrid and Sébastien Borget of France. It comprises block-like custom avatars that represent users. The user becomes the owner of things they create using blockchain and smart contracts.

Sandbox’s three main products are:

  • Voxedit: A 3D Modeling tool for creating avatars, vehicles, animals, plants, tools, and other objects. 
  • Sandbox Marketplace: Then, you can export your creations to Sandbox’s Marketplace and sell them.
  • Game Maker: The game maker allows users to create games without needing any code.

Sand is the main currency of the platform. In here also, you can buy and trade land and estates. Also, you can sell online real estate on Open Sea NFT Marketplace.

4.       My Neighbor Alice

Cultivate virtual farming plots or islands stewarded by Alice. It is similar to Farmville in flow so that you can choose the crops and livestock. Other livelihood options are available, including managing a bee farm and selling honey. You can trade the NFTs you create on the platform, including animals, clothes, décor, and more, on Alice Marketplace or other blockchains of your choice.

5.      Krystopia

All the puzzle and maze lovers can unite at Krystopia. It is an adventure game where you are Captain Nova Dune – The Space explorer heading to the planet Krystopia after you get distress signals from there. Nova, accompanied by her alien pet Skree will get to meet the planet’s inhabitants and will need to pass through some escape rooms in the process.

6.       Illuvium

In this game, users can seek mythical creatures known as Illuvium while exploring the world. Catching these creatures is either through fragments or by curing them. Then, they can use these creatures to combat the other creatures and gamers.

Illuvial NFTs are also an excellent investment as their value will increase as the strength or rarity improves. Also, the user can combine three identical highest-level illuvial into a single entity. 

7.       Alien World

Alien World lets the gamers become galactic adventurers who are on a mission to mine Trillium, an in-game commodity. There is a total of six worlds, and the vote rights depend on TLM they have on the planet. Additionally, each world has an elected leader.

There are options to use shovels, buy or rent land for mining, and get better potent mining equipment. Lastly, players can participate in mining tasks and combat adventurers to gain more tokens.

8.       Minecraft

Minecraft is an already-popular game that has improved its reach by introducing a virtual economy, allowing gamers to create a metaverse within the game. Afterward, they have also added more features like decentralization to become popular metaverse games and stay relevant.

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9.       Prospectors

Prospectors is an excellent choice for gamers who want to understand the world of economics. It is a multiplayer game focused on an economic strategy game based on the nineteenth-century Wild Frontier. The game aims to accumulate gold that they can exchange for Prospector Gold – a virtual money system applicable in the game. 

At the beginning of the game, the user has three workers available for use. To start, these employees can help players in mine construction and start digging. The users can mine the free land. However, if the users want to put up a building on the land, they must rent it. Much like the real world, non-payment of rent will lead to property restriction and auctioning of associated elements.

10.   Farmer World

Every user can purchase property on Farmers World, extract gold, raise animals, cultivate crops, catch fish, and make cottages for their animals. To purchase the items, gamers can use AtomicHub’s store.

The goods created in the virtual games real estate are classified as NFTs and can include eggs and milk. Additionally, the gamers can purchase and sell these harvested crops in the game with other players.

Players are also responsible for protecting their farms again invaders – the red and white clans. Lastly, the gamers must also defend their farms against wild forest creatures.

Final Thoughts: Find the Best Free Metaverse Games for You!

The internet is vast. So now, gamers can find free metaverse games in various genres. If you have a genre you enjoy more than others, feel free to get the games that match your preference. However, metaverse games are still a new concept, and we can only wait to see what else the world has in store. 

But if you have a game idea that you want the metaverse app development experts to turn into reality, get in touch with MoogleLabs. We would deploy the latest technology like AI technology automation, blockchain technology, and more to create an immersive game application that matches your expectations.

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