17 Best Website for Sending and Receiving Fax Online for Free [Electronic Faxing]

Best Website for Send and Receive Fax Online for Free

If you’re the one looking for some best and free online Services for sending and receiving faxes, then I recommend you must check this article because in this article I have tried to cover some of the best online service which you can use in daily life personally and professionally.

Best Website for Send and Receive Fax Online for Free

Basically I’m the one who sends faxes all that often, sometimes have to forward information to my boss when I’m working outside from the office. But those times are very few and far between and in this condition all I do is find an available fax machine and forward information. But one day my friend put a question from me that Can I send a Fax Online for free?

And after searching a lot over the web I found that, there is no need to purchase an expensive fax machine as there are lots of free online services available to send a fax online. Using these services we get sent faxes in a variety of ways and all you need is an internet connection. Below I gather some of the best ways using which you can send fax online for free.

1. PamFax


PamFax is one of the best web service for sending faxes online for  free. I really like this website to send faxes because it supports lots of file formats other than just PDF or DOC files that most online fax services require. Also, using this you can submit 3 faxes after SignUp, NO credit card required to sign up, NO advertising and Supports Dropbox, Box and Google Drive

2. MyFax


It’s another amazing service using which you can send and receive faxes through your email, the web, or smart phone. Using this website you can send 100 free faxes per month and receive 200 for free. Also compatible with almost every type of file with easy integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook.

3. PoxFax


You might also love to try Popfax for free, provides you with tailored and low cost solutions for your faxmailing campaigns, improving your communications and saving your money. There is no need to install any software, one feature I really like about this service is that they keep your document for the next thirty days.

4. RingCentral Fax

ringcentral fax

This is one of the best services for sending fax online. Using this you get secure, affordable and convenient Internet fax. RingCentral Fax allows users to send 150 free faxes per month, also receive faxes from any type of fax machine. It’s also compatible with PC and Mac.

5. Nextiva Fax



NextivaFax is another cool website for sending fax using which you can send 500 free faxes per month, making it ideal for small business use. Also, they provide a variety of customization features. One thing which I really like about this service is that pricing on this website is very low as compared to other Fax web services.

6. FaxFreedom


FaxFreedom by Freedom Voice come with amazing feature i.e. You can take your pick of available 800 numbers and vanity toll free numbers with included minutes, auto attendant, call forwarding, voicemail & more. This is the only feature which makes this service different from others.

7. Send2Fax


Send2Fax is an online fax machine provides fax solutions for individuals and businesses through the seamless integration of facsimile technology. Using this service you can send and receive fax documents with an Internet-connected PC using an email account.

8. FaxZero


Faxzero is an amazing web service which lets you send fax to any fax machine in the United states (U.S) and Canada for free. This service is featured

  • Free to use
  • Fax file Formats Supported : .DOC, .DOCX, or .PDF file.
  • Advertisement is shown only on the cover page.

9. GotFreefax


Another cool web service to Send Free Fax Online to the U.S. And Canada for free. You can simply add the sender, enter your recipient’s information and Fax number. You can also create Ad-Free cover page.

10. efax


Basically this web service is not a  free service to send a fax online. But it allows a 30 day free trial. Also you can send fax online 50 pages and receiving up to 130 pages at no charge. You can both send and receive faxes via email.

11. FreeFax


You might also love to try this service which lets you send fax, virtually in every part of world without no cost. You can also get additional benefits from this service by becoming a member of this service.

12. GreenFax


GreenFax allows you to get and transmit faxes through Email. You can also go in for the prepaid version to enable the reception of faxes on your Email in box in the form of PDFs

13. FaxFree


Want to send free fax online try FaxFree which supports Microsoft Office files, image files, text files, pdf files and printer file format. You can use this service to send Fax across the world just by using Mail.

14. FaxOrama


Another cool option to send faxes with same offers and options like above mentioned but with different limits. With this service you can send a maximum of 5 pages and a max of 2 times a day. And the bonus is that there’s no ads on the cover page.

15. TopFreeFax


You can also TopFreeFax service that lets you send free fax online. The company trying to sell you fax number services at certain monthly payments. Like above services you need to add sender and recipient info, your message, then security code and click on “Send this fax”

16. ScanR


scanR does much more than package a lightly enhanced photo into a PDF. Just scan your documents using your mobile device, convert them into digital files and then send it to your ScanR email addresses. Now from here it can be sent out as a fax.

17. TrustFax


With this free online fax service from TrustFax to Send and Receive Fax as Emails with Your Own Toll Free Number.

So these are the 17 best Free Online Fax Services which you can use to send and receive faxes, but if you feel that I’m missing something please share with us.

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