Fortnite Battle Royal Tips And Tricks To Keep You In The Game

You’ve seen the Meme’s and you’ve seen the youtube videos now you finally think it’s time to dive into the world of Fortnite Battle Royal. The only problem is you keep dying. Everyone has an edge on you and just when you claim that glowing yellow gun you get sniped from across the map. This happens to everyone who is new to this dynamic third-person building, strategy, shooter experience. Luckily for you, we have acquired a list of tips and tricks which will help keep you in the game.

Weapons And Ammo

When you are first dropped into the vast 50v50 landscape of Battle Royal you will find weapons and ammo are hard to come by unless you look in the right place. Your main objective when the game starts, other than scavaging resources (something we will get to in a minute), should be to head to the nearest structure.

This may be a house, barn, school, whatever the map has to offer. Once inside you will find all the weapons and ammo you could ask for. Make sure you load up your weapon before heading back out. Like in many games out right now, like Destiny 2, weapons and other drops come in different rarities. These are specified by different colors. Grey is associated with the most common gear whereas yellow or gold are the rare, powerful items in the game. Make sure you keep a couple items open for new weapons you will collect as you take out other players.


The only item you have at the start of a match is a type of ax or hatchet. This is the tool you will use to collect resources throughout the map. You can use it to cut down trees and bushes as well as destroy structures built by other players.  Always remember to check to see what opponents have dropped once you have killed them. You can even wait, hide and use the floating items as a trap to lure in unsuspecting players. Never neglect the importance of scavaging as it is the key to building the lifesaving and death-dealing structures Fortnite is now famous for.

Remember In Fortnite To Collect Dropped Loot


There have been many who draw comparisons between Fortnite Battle Royal and Player Unknowns Battlegrounds and these comparisons are valid. However, there is one major difference that separates these two franchises and that is the in-game building component available in fortnite.

The ability to build walls, floors, bridges, and traps has lead to an unlimited number of modifications to the standard maps offered in the game. Meaning, you can build a fortress or a snipers nest even if the game does not offer you one naturally. The building aspect of Fortnite is truly unique and is one of the main reason it has quickly captured the hearts of so many dedicated gamers.

Eye Of The Storm

Due to the scale of the map and the vast numbers of players Fortnite has a system in place called the Eye of the Storm. This map resizing tool essentially keeps players from camping out the entire match waiting for other players to kill each other. The playable area of the map shrinks throughout the match forcing players into tighter and tighter quarters. If you are caught outside the Eye of the Storm you will be dealt serious damage until you are dead or able to escape to the playable area of the game. This is an aspect of the game to always keep an eye on. Note also snipers like to hide out at the edges of the Storm.

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