Fast Growing Trends In Digital Marketing For 2021

In today’s world, everyone is looking for easy ways. We have to say the harsh truth – there is no easy way to get your product in front of the potential customer. It’s all about trial and error. That’s why we have created a mini guide to the fastest growing trends in digital marketing that can help you deliver product/service in front of the targeted users. 

Influencer marketing

Also invented not yesterday, but by now it has changed a lot. Now users stop trusting millionaire bloggers. There are several reasons: firstly, they are rapidly losing visitor reach, and the engagement of subscribers is also dropping. This applies to well-known beauty bloggers, travel bloggers and any thematic channels.

Second, and most importantly, subscribers don’t believe in ads from YouTube and Instagram stars. The reason is the same consumer cynicism and the growth of literacy of the population in the field of marketing. Everyone understands perfectly well: for money, their pet will advertise everything they say without a twinge of conscience. And in general, they are engaged in their channels solely for the sake of profit, and not out of love for art.

For these reasons, the so-called microbloggers are gaining popularity – people who have 1000 with a small number of subscribers on their channel or page. Such people are trusted much more than promoted vloggers and instadives. Few would suspect a young mother from a provincial town in conspiracy with international corporations.

The most important feature that you can get when working with microbloggers is the crowd marketing effect. Remember what it is? If you have forgotten, we will remind you: this is a promotion based on recommendations. The thought is this: everyone is tired of advertising and corporate wishes, when at every step all sorts of experts want to sell you their product. It’s a different matter if a university friend bought an interesting contraption and, based on personal experience, advises you to do the same. You can trust him.

Auto sales funnels

This is a tool that automatically converts traffic into sales. All touches with the user occur without any participation of the staff, due to which you can save on the remuneration of managers and other personnel. In general, sales automation is a digital marketing trend in itself and an auto funnel is part of a larger whole.

Growth of priority of mobile traffic

Google does not hide that it relies on users who access the Internet from mobile devices. The ranking algorithms of this search engine work on the principle of mobile-first indexing – the priority of mobile traffic. 

What does this mean in practice and how does it affect the promotion of an online store? The most important thing is that the site must have an adaptive version that is correctly displayed on all types of mobile devices: smartphones, tablets, and others. If this is not the case, Google will impose filters and sanctions on the resource and will not let it come close to the top of the search results, at least in the mobile segment. Therefore, the issue must be resolved at the stage of choosing a platform for creating an online store. But once you do this you’ll have to learn SEO. Here is the best SEO course in Singapore.

Omnichannel and cross-platform promotion

Another digital marketing trend is a promotion on as many sites as possible. Now someone in the audience laughed: they say there will not be enough budget for such campaigns. Well, first of all, today will not be enough, but tomorrow it may be enough. Secondly, it is often impossible to say for sure which promotion channel will become the key for a particular business

This approach allows you to cover all groups of the target audience. The main task is to ensure the joint operation of marketing tools. That is, not only to be present at all sites, but also to make them work together.

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