Family Lawyer Vs Divorce Lawyer

To handle any legal issues, you must need a lawyer by your side. Different lawyers are specialized for different cases, such as criminal lawyers for criminal offenses. Divorce lawyers and family lawyers both handle couple problems. But there is a vast difference between hiring a divorce lawyer and a family lawyer. Which one is best for you is the central question? In the following sections of this article, we will briefly discuss family lawyer vs divorce lawyer and why they differ. 

Family Lawyer or Divorce Lawyer- Which One Is More Fruitful?

Family lawyer and divorce lawyer are essential and helpful for the people who need them in their bad times. Although on payment, both lawyers help their clients with the utmost effort to get their clients’ desired justice. But there is a big difference between both lawyers. 

If you hire a divorce lawyer, you will get the benefits of only getting divorced smoothly and being in the safe zone or having low compensation in the divorce case, nothing else. Such as, a Saskatoon divorce lawyer helps you handle all complex and simple things related to divorce, especially uncontested divorce. But divorce is not just the question of getting two people separated from one another. Instead, several more things connect with this issue. For example, child support and custody, adoption, rights and responsibilities upon one another after getting separated, property distribution are common issues that complicate a divorce. All these issues a family lawyer alone can handle. And in some cases, you might have the right directions about divorce filing and further procedures from a family lawyer. 

Considering these benefits, we recommend hiring a family lawyer more suitable than hiring a divorce lawyer.

When You Need A Family Lawyer?

Family lawyers Townsville are multipurpose helplines for you. They can handle all relevant issues regarding family, children and, of course, divorce or separation. Here, we will discuss when you need a family lawyer and what purposes a family lawyer serves.


Suppose you and your partner are in a marital relationship. In that case, a family lawyer will suggest and direct you to the right path of filing the divorce case, getting children custody, property shares, financial supports and other important issues. And if you are not married, rather cohabitated with your partner, the lawyer will show you how you should file your separation agreement and claim your rights. The lawyer will make you understand the existing laws and regulations about your problems very skillfully. 

Nuptial Agreements

Sometimes, many couples, either married or cohabitated, feel comfortable making a marital agreement about pre and post-marital or cohabiting rights and responsibilities. They do so to avoid unexpected misunderstandings among them regarding the issues after marriage or cohabitation. It is an excellent and wise decision indeed. 

A family lawyer can understand the pre and postnuptial agreement and how and which things you should include in this agreement. You do not need a separate lawyer for this reason. 

Children Custody

Children custody is a significant part of family law. If you decide to get divorced or separated from your partner and if you have a child, there might be a problem getting custody of that child. In this case, again, a family lawyer can best help you. He will prescribe you how you can file your claim for child custody and how you can have your child custody. In terms of separating biological parents, grandparents or other family members want to take responsibility for the child. Family lawyers also handle this case. 


In opposition to custody, family lawyers can skillfully manage the adoption cases. Adoption means when an adult person wants to take the child’s responsibility, either involuntarily or voluntarily. There are some legal procedures in adopting a child. A family lawyer can make you best understand those laws and refer you to how you should proceed. 

How Much Does A Family Lawyer Cost? 

Costs of a lawyer, no matter in which sector, are not at all fixed. Because lawyers generally do not bind their services in one ground, instead work on different issues together. In that case, their fees vary a lot. For example, if you hire a family lawyer for just divorce purposes, the cost might not be that high. But when the lawyer handles more than one issue like child custody, property distribution and so on, he might demand a bit more.

Another thing is, lawyers are very much helpful and kind towards their clients. If they feel that your financial situation is not that stable, they might demand less, or sometimes they serve you free of cost. So, it will make it impossible to mention a fixed price of hiring a family lawyer. 


Finally, we sum up our discussion here. Hopefully, you have learned the basic things about the differences between a family lawyer and a divorce lawyer. Suppose you are facing or will face such cases in future. In that case, you keep this information in mind and then decide to hire a family lawyer vs a divorce lawyer. 

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