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Everything You Need To Know About The Disney Stamp Collection

Do you love Disney movies? Have you ever wanted to purchase a set of stamps that are modeled after your favorite characters and scenes from the movies? Well, now is your chance.

The Walt Disney Company has created a new line of stamps for this year’s release. These stamps include some fan favorites such as Peter Pan, Cinderella, and Snow White. This article reviews the stamp collection and provides links to where they can be purchased online.

Are Disney Stamps Valuable?

If you have a collection of Disney stamps and don’t know if they are valuable, the answer is yes! You may be surprised to learn that some of these stamps are worth thousands. If you plan to appraise or are looking for places to sell your stamp collection, some resources are available. The Walt Disney Company is the original creator of these stamps, and their prices are on par with other valuable collectibles such as baseball cards, coins, or antiques.

A few examples include: 

  • A set from 1959 with 12 different designs will cost around $400-$450 in near-mint condition. This is the only set from that year.
  • A special edition set released in 1988 has a black stamp with Mickey Mouse on it, which can cost up to $100-$150 alone. 
  • The rarest Disney stamps include sets of two or three designs worth at least several hundred dollars each. These were often sold as collected editions. 
  • One of the most valuable Disney stamps is called a “Bicentennial” stamp. It has Donald Duck on it and was issued in 1976. A single copy will sell for at least $750 if it’s not damaged or creased.

An Overview of Disney Stamps

Disneyland has released several sets of stamps in the past, but this is the first time that Disney World will be doing so. The stamp collection includes 20 unique illustrations and a booklet with more information about each image. Some of our favorites include “Bambi” from Bambi, Cinderella’s Castle for Cinderella, or Peter Pan’s “Tinkerbell” for Peter Pan.

The stamps can be purchased on the Disney website or at most Disney World and Disneyland locations, including parks, hotels, gift shops, restaurants, and more. The primary purpose of these stamps is for mailing. However, a limited-edition set of stamps can be used as gift tags or mini postcards to send directly to friends and family.

The five most popular Disney Stamp released are the following:

  1. The Lion King 
  2. Mulan
  3. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  4. Beauty and the Beast
  5. Cinderella

The most valuable Disney Stamp is a set of stamps released in 1994 for Walt Disney World Resort (Walt Disney World) that cost $25 each stamp with four different designs portraying Mickey Mouse, Snow White, and the Seven Dwarfs, Mulan, and The Lion King.

The other stamps worth mentioning are a set of six commemorative Disney Stamps issued in 2001 for Walt Disney World Resort (Walt Disney World) with five different designs portraying Winnie-the-Pooh; Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride; the Beast; Mulan and Mushu; Cinderella.

The last stamp worth mentioning is a set of 12 stamps issued in 2013 to commemorate Disneyland Park’s 50th anniversary (Disneyland) with 11 different designs. Alice, Dumbo, Ariel, Belle from Beauty and the Beast (Beauty), Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, Winnie-the-Pooh, Alice from Alice in Wonderland (Alice), Roo and Tigger.

The first two stamps were issued on January 24th, 2001, for the Olympic Winter Games of 2002, while the last 12 were issued on July 11th, 2013, to commemorate Disneyland’s 50th anniversary.

Collecting stamps is more than a hobby, especially if you have kids. Disney stamps represent a world of imagination and fantasy that both you and your children will enjoy. This gives you a whole new world to explore when designing your stamp collection.

You may encourage children to create stories, make up characters’ names, and even design their stamps for the collection. It can also be a great way to teach youngsters history and geography.

The beauty of a Disney stamp collection is that it can grow with your children as they get older and their interests change. They may start out loving the characters in Toy Story, but then when they’re older prefer Pirates of the Caribbean instead. As they become more invested in this hobby, you can help them find stamps for their favorite movies.

The most important thing is to share your love of this hobby with them. You might be surprised by how interested they are and get hooked themselves!

Final Words

This collection is a way for collectors to enjoy the magic of Walt Disney’s original art. With this set, you can share your love with family and friends while also introducing them to an essential piece of American history. It’s time to honor our past by embracing it head-on.

You don’t have to be a collector or even live in America to get these stamps; they are available worldwide at most post offices around the world. If you’re looking for something new that will make great memories with your loved ones, be sure to check out the stamp collection today!

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