Easy Ways to Help Students Improve 7th Grade Math

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There’s no doubt that understanding math plays a crucial part in life. However, some students find it boring and hard to grasp. Besides affecting their grades, poor math skills can affect critical thinking and mastery of subjects like chemistry and physics.

7th grade math involves a deep dive into rational numbers, equations, expressions, and percentages. 7th graders also get introduced to statistics and probability concepts. A poor understanding of basic arithmetic, fractions, and basic algebra can make it hard for students to comprehend some concepts.

Below are helpful ways to improve math skills and enable your students to perform better.

Make Math Lessons More Fun

Most students despise math because the mode of learning or teaching isn’t fun. However, this issue can be solved by making learning more fun. As a teacher or guardian, think of creative methods you can use to teach math.

You can use dice and card games to explain different mathematical concepts. In addition, use real-life examples during the lesson. This will help students understand how math applies to real-life scenarios.

Daily Practice

Regular practice can take your kid from a novice to a master. The goal is to encourage your kid or students to build a consistent learning routine. You can use tools such as online math worksheets.

7th grade math worksheets cover all topics based on the school’s curriculum. There are also practice questions and examples to help make understanding better and easier. Parents and teachers can track the progress and notice areas or topics that require improvement.

Build a Positive Approach

As mentioned, sometimes poor performance in math can be attributed to a negative attitude towards the subject. Poor performance can lead to a drop in confidence and can lead to poor grades in other subjects.

There are many ways you can help change attitudes and build enthusiasm in your students. Using engaging methods like games and real-life examples to explain concepts is one way. Another way is by building a positive approach.

Rewarding improvements, no matter how small, will also help change their attitude for the better. Also, challenge the students to attempt new challenges daily.

Work on the Basics

Understanding 7th grade math relies heavily on basic concepts taught in previous classes. Find out which concepts the students are struggling with and pay more attention to them. Solidifying the basics will help them feel more comfortable with more advanced topics.

Online math worksheets may come in handy at this stage. Students can use the worksheets to practice previous concepts before moving on to more complex ones.

Wrapping Up

Math plays a vital role in life. Becoming better will take time and requires patience. As a parent, focus more on small improvements over massive success within a short span. Also, understand that there will be setbacks along the way, which is normal.

You can also hire a private tutor to work with your student during the weekends. Another idea is to encourage your kid to participate in group discussions. These sessions help students learn from one another.

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