EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Is Free And Easy

Everyone who owns a computer has personal information in the form of videos, photos, and files. Business organizations use their computers to store important documents. The bad thing is that information on a computer hard disk can be erased through human action or other unavoidable circumstances. Since data loss can happen in a flash, it is important that you be prepared to recover it using the right tools.

The process through which inaccessible data is salvaged from damaged or corrupted storage or removable media when it is impossible to access it otherwise. Hard drive recovery can be done using the many internet-sourced software. EaseUS is one such software.

What is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

You wouldn’t find a more effective and secure free data recovery software. You can use it to recover data from the system drives on your computer as well as any files you deleted accidentally. It is, therefore, possible to recover the data lost in any of the following circumstances:

Recovery of deleted files

Using the EaseUS tool, you can recover the files you lost when you emptied the recycle bin, pressed the shift+delete keys or the delete key.

Data lost in a formatted hard disk

There are times when you will discover you have formatted a hard disk or another device accidentally. Files can also be lost due to windows reinstallation, system crash, accidental power loss, software crash or hard drive crash. The free data recovery software can help you get back your files.

Partition recovery

It is also possible for you to lose data through disk accident, system restores, improper clone, boot manager or repartition.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Features

  • It is possible to pause the scan and continue it any time later.
  • The file search can be filtered using the filing date, type, and name.
  • Before recovering the files it is possible to preview them for details.
  • This hard drive recovery wizard can allow you to recover data from just about any device. That
  • includes SSD, camcorder, iPod, Pendrives, memory card, music player, digital camera, USB drive,
  • external disk, hard drive, PC or laptop.
  • The software doesn’t damage your devices or even overwrite the data.
  • It works with NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT, FAT (12, 16, 32), ext2, ext3, and HFS.
  • It recovers files by creating disk images.

How to Use the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Just about anyone can use this free data recovery software. All you have to do is follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Launch the hard drive recovery software.

Step 2: Select the types of files you wish to recover. You could be more interested in documents, audio, video, emails or graphics.

Step 3: Sift through the different locations and select where the files to recover are. That could be your hard disk, memory card, desktop, windows libraries or pen drives. Click ‘Scan’.

Step 4: After the system has scanned for files, it will display them so that you can choose the ones you want, preview them, and recover. If the files you want are not listed after a basic scan, you can opt for the deep scan.

With this hard drive recovery wizard, there is no reason why your data should remain inaccessible. Try it today and you will find it very easy to use. To avoid a data overwrite, don’t install it on the same hard disk from which you are recovering data.

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