Coolutils Total PDF Converter Software And Its Key Highlights

Whether you are a student or a working individual, there might have been times when you needed a PDF converter software. If you have been in a similar situation before and have wasted your precious time searching for the best file converter, then this article is a must-read. Here we will share with you all the factors that make Total PDF Converter an ideal choice for all your file conversion process needs.

1. Availability

One of the main features of the CoolUtils PDF converter software is that it is easy to access. All one needs to do is search online and they will be able to download the software within minutes. Besides, this tool also comes in handy since it offers a trial period. During which it can be used as a free PDF converter.

2. User-friendliness

Not everyone is tech-savvy, which was exactly the thought process kept in mind by the creators of this PDF converter. Easy to navigate and clearly marked options are two of the biggest highlights of this software. It even supports fifteen different languages to make it convenient for users from various geographical locations.

3. Supported Formats

The greater number of file formats a converter supports, the better it is for users. In the case of Total PDF Converter software, you will be able to easily convert your DOC, XLS, JPG, HTML, BMP, and TXT files. However, the list does not stop here and Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint are also among the supported formats.

4. Batch Processing

Another reason for you to choose the Total converter to convert files into PDF is because of its batch processing feature. You can create PDF files in bundles so that it reduces your overall efforts. However, the time taken in the entire process is still not extensive.

5. Converted File Quality

Most of the time when we use a free PDF converter the quality of the generated file might be distorted or different from the original. You may even have some elements removed from an original file in your final output. This is far from being true when you use this PDF converter software for your processing needs. Whether you are converting an image or a text-based file, the quality will always be excellent.

6. Supported OS

With so many different operating systems available, you need a converter that can work on them all. This too can be another reason to download PDF converter mentioned above. It best fits Windows users as the converter is compatible with most Windows OS.

7. Value for Money

If you decide to use the Total PDF Converter after the trial period ends, it will not put a strain on your pocket. The cost of the software is very affordable making it one of the leading options.

8. Reliability

The last thing one would want is for your Word or JPG to PDF converter to stop in the middle of the process. But when you download PDF converter that we reviewed in this article, you will never go through an unpleasant situation ever.

We are sure that the features shared will be on your lookout list while searching for an ideal PDF converter. If you agree, then we suggest you download the CoolUtils PDF converter here.

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